The Game’s Music Selection Of 150 Tracks Is The Largest Of Any Sonic Game To Date

The Game’s Music Selection Of 150 Tracks Is The Largest Of Any Sonic Game To Date
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In other words, we should expect more bangers soon. The soundtrack in Sonic Frontiers will have 150 songs, more than any other Sonic game. Shortly after the album’s release, you’ll be able to stream the soundtrack, which is named Stillness & Motion for its entirety.

Without a tracklist, we can only assume that the songs featured in Frontiers’ advertising materials are on Stillness & Motion. We anticipate its inclusion of the album’s catchy primary theme, “I’m Here,” which is a must-listen if you haven’t heard it. The album will also be available on six CDs in a physical edition that will include bonus materials and a booklet.

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A Japanese Sonic internet page lists the price of Stillness & Motion at 8,000 yen. That’s about $50, which gives us a good sense of how much we’ll have to spend on a hard copy if we decide to buy one.

Then, where on earth are these 150 songs coming from? Even if Frontiers is a free-for-all, it’s unclear how that much music may be included. The reintroduction of previously used environments raises the possibility that certain previously released songs from earlier games will appear on the album, possibly in remixed form.

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It’s also likely that the songs utilized in the game will vary depending on the region. As we discussed earlier, the Japanese edition of Frontiers will be very different from the versions we get in North America and Europe. It’s probable that the soundtrack selection in the Japanese version will match Sega’s goal of creating a more solemn and detached atmosphere. On the other hand, it looks like the Western world is getting the same treatment we’re used to. If there is, in fact, a regional musical difference, then perhaps Stillness & Motion will unite all of the music from all of the regions and make it accessible in one spot.