The Leaked Demo Of Sonic Frontiers Showed Both New Scenarios And A Boss Fight Against An Adversary Named Squid

The Leaked Demo Of Sonic Frontiers Showed Both New Scenarios And A Boss Fight Against An Adversary Named Squid
Credit: IGN

Even more cutscenes and the Squid boss fight from the demo for Sonic Frontiers have been leaked. In addition, fans may get a taste of games like this in small doses thanks to public demos offered at live industry events. Sonic Frontiers showcased these games at GamesCom, Tokyo Game Show, and EGX London. While not these demonstrations allayed every scepticism, those who did play had a reasonably favorable impression overall, particularly of the open-zone gameplay.

Due to a fault that allowed some players to advance further than intended in the GamesCom demos, Sega has been explicitly prohibiting players from taking footage of the game since then. Despite these measures, fans could still view leaked gameplay footage of Sonic Frontiers on the Internet, including one that included cutscenes and a boss fight.

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YouTube user GPF recorded this gameplay after snatching a demo of Sonic Frontiers at EGX. Several new features, including a boss fight, can be seen in this collection of videos from Sonic Frontiers. Back in June, a preview of this boss was presented, and now we know its true identity: it’s called Squid, as seen in this video.

It wanders the region, and when players encounter it, they can begin the combat by jumping onto the humongous floating road that trails after it. Once it has been located, players must run away from its fireballs before employing a homing strike to temporarily stun the monster before engaging it in combat.

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Sonic meets Sage and the gigantic Titan adversary that has been in several trailers, and they both appear in cutscenes from the game. Unfortunately, the blue blur is no match for Super Sonic at this point, and he is dumped into a mountain in the TGS teaser that unveiled the game. Soon after Sage leaves, Sonic awakens in a panic, realizing that he needs the seven Chaos Emeralds to defeat the enormous opponent.