A Question And Answer Session About Cyberpunk 2077 Contractor Allegedly Exaggerated Staff Size And Expertise

A Question And Answer Session About Cyberpunk 2077 Contractor Allegedly Exaggerated Staff Size And Expertise
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Upper Echelon Gamers published a report in June claiming that Quantic Lab, a quality assurance contractor located in Romania, misled CD Projekt Red about the skills and expertise of the QA testers it offered for Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, according to the report, Quantic Lab required its staff to report a certain number of bugs daily, increasing the risk that the developer missed critical problems while focusing on less severe ones. CEO of Quantic Lab Stefan Seicarescu didn’t exactly refute the claims, but a recent report indicates things have worsened.

PC Gamer has released a new report in which eight current and former workers of Quantic Lab claim that the company’s management has repeatedly deceived clients about the organization’s scope and its staff’s expertise. In addition, there were rumors that Quantic Lab was overextending itself by taking on too many projects with too few employees.

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It’s common knowledge that Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the worst launches ever, with its numerous game-breaking bugs, poor performance, and a plethora of other difficulties that led to refunds and the game’s removal from the PlayStation Store. However, according to the article, Quantic Lab was also hard at work on NBA 2K21, causing them to spread themselves thin in terms of both human resources and materials.

Quantic’s “Cyberpunk” crew consisted of “30 employees,” but only “10 of them had experience on QA,” an insider said to PC Gamer. Furthermore, according to the report, “none of the ‘seasoned’ testers had more than a year.”

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It is further stated in the report that staff was instructed by management to refrain from discussing the incident as a whole while communicating with CD Projekt personnel. However, apparently, the developer has been in touch with Quantic Lab multiple times about the QA team’s poor work.