G2 Esports Have Another Chance At Winning This Year’s World Championship, Will They Finally Succeed?

G2 Esports Have Another Chance At Winning This Year’s World Championship, Will They Finally Succeed?
Credit: LoL Esports

For the last three years, G2 Esports has been steadily climbing toward the pinnacle of professional League of Legends. After reaching the semifinals of the 2018 World Championship, the team turned around the next year and secured a berth in the tournament’s grand finals. Now, with just one more accomplishment left on the table for the organization, G2 has its sights fully set on capturing Europe’s first Worlds title in nearly a decade.

At the helm of the operation is the organization’s CEO, Carlos Rodríguez, a brazen, outspoken leader and perpetual peddler of G2’s success. In 2020, he believes that the team can finally get to the top of the mountain and achieve its ultimate goal of finally winning Worlds. “Our actions match our ambitions,”

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“Many teams will say that they want to win Worlds, but their actions don’t match their ambitions. Ours do.” But ambition can only get a team so far. For G2, naturally progressing toward a World Championship isn’t something that happens overnight. And since they find themselves in the middle of an uphill battle after finishing second in Group A at this year’s tournament, G2 will most definitely need to make a slew of adjustments before they prepare to run through a bracket lined to the brim with teams that are just as capable as them.

Even though G2 are in an unfavorable position as a second seed heading into their quarterfinal matchup against the LCK’s Gen.G, the LEC champions have been in a spot like this before. In fact, just last year, G2 made a run to the finals at Worlds after finishing second in the group stage as well. But between then and now, things have changed for the squad. The team has learned how to “deploy its energy,” according to Rodríguez.

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Admittedly, Rodríguez claimed that G2 are typically “a weak team” during the opening phases of international events. “But as the tournament goes on, we become better and better,” the team’s owner said.

And for a team comprised totally of veterans, one would expect G2 to be able to adapt accordingly throughout the course of any given tournament. The team showcased its ability to do so during Worlds 2019. With a similar task ahead of the roster this year, the expectations are accordingly alike.

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In fact, things couldn’t be more alike. G2, with an identical roster from last year’s tournament run, are surrounded by LCK teams on their side of the bracket—just like they did at this time last year.