2020 World Championship – G2 Hopes To Secure Second Consecutive Finals Appearance As They Face Gen.G In The Quarterfinal

2020 World Championship – G2 Hopes To Secure Second Consecutive Finals Appearance As They Face Gen.G In The Quarterfinal
Credit: G2 Esports

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship has been cutthroat between the European and Asian regions. With just one more quarterfinals to be played, the semis will be up and running next week. The matchup between the G2 Esports and Gen.G has been coined as the quarterfinals to watch. Whichever team wins, DAMWON Gaming will be preparing on the sidelines for their semifinals’ foes.

With the long history of Worlds, as surprising as it may be, the two well-respected organizations have never faced each other on an international stage. But regardless, the storylines and the thickness of the rivalry brewing is still a ton of enjoyment for the fans of the MOBA game.

In terms of region rivalry, many analysts and fans would still place the Asian competition above all else. With North America performing poorly lately, this year might be the Worlds that Europe proves to the LoL fans that they are equal, if not better, than their Eastern counterparts.

And as fitting as the matchup is, G2 has been the one EU team that can be paralleled with the Koreans and Chinese teams. They have improved exponentially in their region and is the ace card for the Western fans to take home the crown. When the squad shocked the world in making to the 2018 Worlds semifinals, the other teams have put G2 on a higher pedestal. The only thing that is missing is to actually win the World championship.

With that said, Caps and the rest of the boys have a rough road ahead of them. They finished second in their Group, hence, placing them at a disadvantage playoff position. In the top 8, only two Western teams qualify, G2 and Fnatic. With the Nemesis’ team knocked out by Top Esports, G2 is the only NA/EU team left in the tournament. And the team is facing nonother than the LCK 2020 Regional Finals champions. To make it more uneasy, if G2 defeats Gen.G, their road will still be bumpy with top Chinese and Korean teams awaiting the lone EU team.

With experience on their side, G2 will have a fair shot against the Bdd-lead Korean squad. They faced Asian orgs in the last three years, a total of 18 matches, the most amongst any Western squad.

The quarterfinal match between G2 and Gen.G will be live on October 18 at 3 A.M. PST. The 2020 LoL World Championship will resume on October 24, premiering the semifinals between Top Esports against Sunning Gaming.