Overwatch League: Russell ‘FCTFCTN’ Campbell Retires After Being Relegated To Open Division

Overwatch League: Russell ‘FCTFCTN’ Campbell Retires After Being Relegated To Open Division
Credit: Overwatch

Russell Campbell has announced that he is retiring from professional Overwatch play after slipping from the Overwatch League, where he struggled to receive playtime on the Houston Outlaws next to main tank players such as Muma, although had an adequate showing on the LA Valiant in 2019.

What makes this event more than slightly humorous is that FCTFCTN is allegedly known as one of the most toxic players in Overwatch, where some have claimed that he consistently insulted and talked down to players in Tier 3 while he was playing in Tier 1 and 2, being Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders.

That he retires the moment that the Tier 2 team Revival, comprised mostly by former Mayhem Academy teams after the team disbanded, loses a match that relegates them into Open Division (Tier 3) is frankly a rare moment of just desserts.

The Twitter announcement that didn’t seem to come with the typical fanfare and TwitLonger that many Overwatch League players have exhibited in the past to the point that it’s almost tradition.

Precisely why FCTFCTN never maintained Overwatch League status is a bit difficult to tell, although allegations that he would stop communicating with the team when he got upset, has spread across the internet with many presuming that this is why he had difficulty maintaining Tier 1 status.

Throughout his storied career, however, FCTFCTN proved that he had the mechanical skill necessary to compete at the highest levels.

His career began with Overwatch well before the Overwatch League was started, playing with teams Ohno and FaZe clan in various tourneys before getting picked up for the Houston Outlaws om early 2018.

FCTFCTN fought Outlaws main tank for the playing position, which Muma eventually took. FCTFCTN saw himself regulated to an Overwatch Contenders team Mayhem Academyt, where he played in Tier 2 from late 2018 to mid-2019, when he was picked up by the LA Valiant.

Despite strong showings on the team, he was dropped and relegated back into T2 on the Revival Team. Revival’s loss yesterday relegated the team as a whole to Open Division, which is why many are positing that Russell Campbell has finally retired from professional play of Overwatch, opting to not play at all rather than play for Tier 3.

While many players that are currently retiring from professional Overwatch are doing so in favor of Riot’s hot new uber-competitive first-person shooter Valorant, Russell Campbell has not stated any future intent to continue in esport endeavors. All that’s ultimately been said by the former main tank, is GG.