Terraria: Journey’s End, Or PC Update 1.4, Arrives Soon, And The Changelog Is Absolutely Enormous

Terraria: Journey’s End, Or PC Update 1.4, Arrives Soon, And The Changelog Is Absolutely Enormous
Credit: Re-Logic via YouTube

Terraria: Journey’s End, the 1.4 PC Update and final update to wrap up a decade of Terraria, has an absolutely enormous changelog. There are 1000’s of new items, new biomes, new graphics, and the long-awaited Journey Mode.

The full list is seriously impressive. It shows just how much work has gone into making Journey’s End a fitting send-off for Re-logic’s Terraria, a game that has constantly evolved and changed over its lifespan.

Fans of Terraria will be most interested in some of the biggest areas of the update, which includes Journey Mode. In this mode, you can research items and then gain an infinite amount of them. This is perfect for map builders and experimenters.

There are also options to turn on God Mod, create custom weather, and play around with other effects and tweaks to the Terraria experience. Journey Mode will be available for anyone to play.

Master Mode is also the final and most challenging mode in Terraria, and will test even the finest speedrunners and hardened Terraria veterans. Boss’s and mobs have received tweaks to make them more difficult, too.

Terraria is all about its items, and the 1.4 Update brings 1000’s of new weapons, cosmetic items and even beautiful furniture to the Terraria world. Don’t forget your kites, fishing rods and golf clubs, either.

Some of the new furniture and cosmetic items in Terraria: Journey’s End

The world of Terraria will also feel more alive, as the Journey’s End update brings weather effects. There are events tied to the weather, such as the Windy Day event, or the Thunderstorm. Watch the trees blow in the wind!

Graphically, the game has received sizable updates. Sprites, backgrounds and terrain are brightened up and refined, and the subtle changes will add up to change the overall experience of Terraria.

Inventory management is made somewhat easier by the introduction of the Void Vault – this item, when paired with the Void Bag in the player’s inventory, allows you to transport items immediately to a vault back at base. A bit like an Ender Chest from Minecraft.

Re-logic has also said they’ve fixed over 450 bugs, refining the Terraria experience by tweaking Boss behaviour, eliminating weird glitches, and even adding an Achievement system which guides new players through Terraria.

Terraria: Journey’s End, or update 1.4, arrives on May 16th, free for all owners of Terraria. This is supposedly the final update to the game, and with the changelog titled “There and back again”, it may well be a fitting end to the epic Terraria story.