Terraria Journey’s End, Or PC Patch 1.4, Finally Gets An Official Release Date, And It’s Coming Soon

Terraria Journey’s End, Or PC Patch 1.4, Finally Gets An Official Release Date, And It’s Coming Soon
Credit: Re-Logic via YouTube

Terraria’s final PC update, called Journey’s End, finally arrives on May 16th, 2020. After several months of teasers and delays, the large and final update to the world of Terraria is on its way. Announced today by Andrew Spinks of Re-Logic, the update is arriving much sooner than anyone thought.

Introducing lots of new content, which is available for free for those who already own Terraria, Journey’s End has been announced as the final update by many of the Re-Logic devs as well as on its official website. After 9 years of free content updates for Terraria, the team is ready to move onto the next chapter.

Even though this is the last update for Terraria for the foreseeable future, many are still very excited about the upcoming patch, which promises to bring even more fascinating creatures, biomes and items to the already immense world of Terraria. Over the past 9 years, there have been four huge updates to the game, which have completely changed the way the game has worked. Each update has been available for free.

To go into everything that’s featured in the new update is a huge undertaking, and you can always check out the Terraria Wiki for a list of all the supposed items, changes and features being added in Terraria 1.4

For the time being, here’s a few of things that fans are most hyped about, including new weapons, food items, creatures, biomes and new bosses. Take the Mini-Golf addition, for example. A feature no one asked for, or probably even ever thought about, but the first clips of the mini-golf in the 1.4 trailer make it look like a quirky and fantastic added option.

Yes, you’ll be able to eat burgers and milkshakes. Yes, there is a brand new weapon called The Tragic Umbrella, available in the brand new Graveyard biome. Yes, they are adding a cactus toilet, which sounds suitably horrible and yet charming in the classic Terraria way. Yes, they are adding wind, and kites, some of which look like a Wyvern.

For the Terraria masochists out there, Re-Logic is also adding the last and final challenge in Terraria – the new Master mode, deemed even harder than the already exasperatingly-difficult Expert mode. This the dev’s final test to those speedrunners and experts out there, who’ve conquered the Moon Lord and completed the game in record times.

Terraria Journey’s End, the last and final PC Patch 1.4, is coming on May 16th, 2020. Check out the changelog to see what’s being added.