Crysis Is Teasing Something On Its Official Twitter Account, A Mysterious Message After Silence Since 2016

Crysis Is Teasing Something On Its Official Twitter Account, A Mysterious Message After Silence Since 2016
Credit: Crytek via YouTube

The official Crysis Twitter has been silent since November 2016, and not much has been heard about the game or the dev studio since the release of Crysis 3 way back in 2013. For those who’ve been out of the loop, the original Crysis games are seen as some of the most innovative in the field, making use of a patented Crytek engine which showed the world of gaming what next-gen graphics could achieve.

Since the release of Crysis 3, which was the final part of the Crysis trilogy, reports have differed on what is next for the franchise. The team behind Crysis, developers Crytek, claimed they would only be focusing on free-to-play games following the release of the final Crysis game. Now after years of silence, there is a new message on the Twitter page.

The hype is real. The Tweet has received thousands of likes, retweets and replies, with many speculating across social media as to what the teaser could mean. Is it for a brand new Crysis game? A free-to-play version of their classic title? Or a remake of the original Crysis game, something fans have been hungry for a while?

Back in October, EA did announce they had planned remasters of fan-favorite games on the way, most predominately the Command and Conquer series. Some are also hopeful for the Mass Effect series. Could they also be referencing a remake of Crysis 1?

Crytek have been releasing teasers for the past month now, stripping down their website, playing looped videos, and releasing a Never Stop Achieving video highlighting the Cryengine performance in March 2020. Many have pointed out there are parts of this video that highlight a potential Crysis 4 or Crysis remastered just around the corner.

For those who are huge Crysis fans, the video merges some assets from the 2007 version of PC Crysis with assets of the 2011 console version. These two versions were minimally different in scope and performance, although the clips in the recent video upload suggest a merging of the two.

Fans have speculated that this hints at a Crysis remaster, perhaps under the EA publishing banner. Perhaps 2007 assets updated for modern 2020 graphics on the Crytek engine, including improved UI and performance. Keep an eye on the Crytek Twitter to find out more as the year goes on.