The Horror Game Happy’s Humble Burger Barn Is Now Free Via Itch.Io

The Horror Game Happy’s Humble Burger Barn Is Now Free Via Itch.Io
Credit: Alpha Beta Gamer via YouTube

There are a lot of great free games right now. Publishers and developers are seeing the good they can do with a little free love during these darker days. If you like horror games with a weird twist, then you’re going to love Happy’s Humble Burger Barn. Sounds like a seemingly normal title, but there’s darkness and horror once you start peeling back the layers.

It’s a fast food horror sim that’s currently free on Itch.Io as of this very moment. So if you’re up for a scare with perfectly normal topics, then dive right in. The game takes roughly 30 minutes to play, but in the time, you’ll experience all sorts of emotions.

On the surface, this seems like a pretty competent simulator where you’ll get to make burgers. Like any burger joint, you’ll start off low on the totem poll and be able to work your way up the chain. You’ll get to complete a wide variety of operations, such as grilling patties and toasting buns just right.

For a game that’s free, it’s incredible to see the detail and the unique aesthetics that this game features all the way through. The visuals are very retro, but they have a ton of character. You’ll find yourself reminiscing about the good ole’ days of gaming when it was just about having fun.

In addition to grilling up some tasty burgers, you’ll also be able to prepare salmon nuggets, french fries, soft drinks and shakes. The variety of items will keep you on your toes as you try to satisfy each customer’s craving. Even better, you’ll have to manage these tasks all by yourself.

Everyone has apparently called in for the day, so it’s just you and some dedication to get the restaurant through rush hour. You’ll manage everything, from sanitizing dishes to putting yourself through training. All in a day’s work certainly rings true in Happy’s Humble Burger Barn.

And then you have the horror aspect. Everything is not what it seems in this simple little burger joint. The longer you play, the more scares will come your way. Just when you think it’s safe to put the fries in the oil, something happens that makes you start questioning your own sanity. This suspense stays with you all the way until the end.

It’s a pretty incredible free offering that’s worth checking out, especially if you’ve ever worked in the food industry.