Overwatch League – Dante Cruz Has Received Re-Signing Offer From Houston Outlaws, Hasn’t Committed

Overwatch League – Dante Cruz Has Received Re-Signing Offer From Houston Outlaws, Hasn’t Committed
Credit: PlayOverwatch

Your guess about what is going on in the Overwatch League is as good as anyones at this moment.

Teams are disappearing, stars are being dropped from rosters with little rhyme or reason, and the only team that has opted to maintain the ‘core’ of their team thus far is the San Francisco Shock; makes sense, as they’ve been nigh-on unbeatable for the past two years in the Grand Finals, both times.

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So pundits and analysts are scouring and tapping whatever sources they have within the scene to get the scoop of these tumultuous times before the transfers and drops actually occur, and Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz, the 21-year-old flex DPS for the Houston Outlaws, is the source of the latest rumors.

The flex DPS has been with the Houston Outlaws since the post-inaugural season of 2018; he began with the San Francisco Shock in a bittersweet transfer before their rise to prominence, if not outright dominance.

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Since then, the fragger has been a key for the Houston Outlaws in spite of their consistently rocky showings that seem to take a sudden turn for the worse every time the playoffs begin, slapping them out before they have a chance to compete against the bigger names.

While Arran Brown was well off the mark, this verifies something: Dante Cruz is currently considering an offer from the Houston Outlaws, yet has not pulled the trigger on it as of yet.

If the Houston Outlaws is indeed intending to build around the player, after dropping many members and offering Matt ‘Coolmatt’ Iorio the position of head coach, then it doesn’t bode entirely well that the player has yet to sign the offer for at least another season.

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Whether the pause comes from offered salary, as some have noted could be the key of the current offseason as teams attempt to thwart a bit of the increasing wages from star players, or if Dante Cruz simply wants to explore other opportunities with teams that can manage to win at Route 66, it’s unknown at the moment.

If it’s salary based, it’s extremely unlikely that it will ever come to the public outside of leaks; the current brazen announcements from Cloud9 within the professional Counter-Strike scene doesn’t necessarily have other organizations eager to show their hand, or what players are actually worth.

If you’re a Houston Outlaws fan, take heart; a lack of a decision thus far doesn’t necessarily mean that Cruz will be leaving his post of two years with the Outlaws, only that he’s clearly playing a bit of the field before pulling a trigger.