CS:GO – forZe Sign Recently Banned Coach Zoner In Apparent Taunt Towards Valve

CS:GO – forZe Sign Recently Banned Coach Zoner In Apparent Taunt Towards Valve
Credit: Smurfson via YouTube

The Esports Integrity Commission, also known as ESIC, spent a massive amount of time scouring old VODs and attempting to find which coaches were actively cheating to offer their teams an advantage.

It was a bug, that was purposefully exploited by many coaches, which led to it being ruled as cheating.

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Regardless of how you feel about the scene, or which coaches just offered a minor advantage to their teams, or if it resulted in long term advantages and skewed results, it doesn’t matter; Valve and ESIC have come out and stated that there will be consequences.

Now, however, many teams are starting to either protect the coaches that have cheated or outright hire them for coaching after being banned from the scene for cheating as a coach.

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The number of times that Aleksandr has proven to have cheated makes other cases pale in comparison; the idea that he is officially being announced as a member of the coaching staff forces on to remove any thread of rational thought from their brain.

It almost appears as though forZe is taunting Valve to do literally anything about the sheer number of coaches that are being picked up and protected by organizations after cheating in competitive matches; it’s damning to the entire scene as professional integrity as been shredded by multiple organizations from MIBR to Hard Legion, and Valve has done extremely little other than offer MIBR’s best bud, Gaules, free agency to control regional majors.

It’s worth noting that this pick-up isn’t directly for the competitive team forZe, but instead a school for younger players to teach them the more esoteric nuances of the extremely complex title.

It’s difficult to see why forZe would opt to have Aleksandr ‘zoneR’ Bogatyrev as a role model for the young players after being the coach that has received the largest ban from play after he had cheated the most, by a massive margin.

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Without Valve being willing to actually step into the scene and start enforcing some of the rulings that organizations are willingly skirting consequences, and it is undermining the entire competitive integrity of the scene that has been ensconced in controversy, allegations, and accusations for the better part of the last six months.

As has been the rallying cry of Counter-Strike players for the past few months, continuing to request Valve to do something about any of the tilted aspects that are coming from a hands-off esport scene and sporadic development with updates regularly offering more community content than anything Valve has done, Counter-Strike as a whole is in a bit of a rough spot.