CS:GO – Pros Are Requesting Valve To Change Up The Map Pool To Help Prevent Burnout

CS:GO – Pros Are Requesting Valve To Change Up The Map Pool To Help Prevent Burnout
Credit: Valve via YouTube

The pandemic rages on and esports are one of the very few competitive fixes we can get right now; add onto that the idea that pros were struggling with the beginnings of burnout at the end of 2019 within the professional Counter-Strike scene, and that these players are grinding for an easy twelve hours a day, and there becomes an inkling of a problem to be seen.

Players are exhausted from playing the same maps ad infinitum within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Riot Games might want to take a close look at what is occurring within the first-person shooter pro scene as its head has already reared a few times in the short life thus far of Valorant, with four maps.

Yet it isn’t just a simple change of scenery that many are looking for within Counter-Strike; many are asking for fundamental shifts in how maps are played out and designed, taking a leave of absence from the standard tri-lane maps that Valorant has mimicked.

Almost every defusal map has three lanes: A site, B site, and connector; thus, even when the scenery changes, the strategies that encompass all tiers of gameplay are generally repeated consistently with only minor alterations to strategies as the play develops; flashing connector, smoking CT entrance, rushing the closest bomb site.

It’s engaging and competitive, but it’s the same ordeal every match that is played.

‘Chet’ Singh took to Twitter to voice his concerns about the stagnant map pool that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

Considering the wide variety of maps the community has developed that are simply sitting in the sidelines, Valve has very deep pockets that they could reach into to inject some new flavor into the professional scene while opening up the meta of gameplay, that has been well-established over roughly the past two decades, could be a gift that keeps the Counter-Strike scene as stable as its known to be; no small feat considering the esport world as a whole.

To toss a few more stones onto the heap, the player base has been calling for Cobblestone to make its return into the competitive map pool; the current pool has been relatively stagnant for well over a year.

Forcing teams to compete on bizarre new maps could help the viewer base as well, although that is one aspect that Counter-Strike has continued to fare well in spite of (or perhaps due to) its age.

Bring back old blood such as Aztec and Cobble, or mix it up with entirely new maps that challenge players in new ways. Just make some changes to help players avoid burn-out.