Overwatch League – A Memorable Casting From Hexagrams Has Some Concerned For His Health

Overwatch League – A Memorable Casting From Hexagrams Has Some Concerned For His Health
Credit: Overwatch League via YouTube

Overwatch League fans are still scratching their heads while attempting to figure out precisely what just occurred as Achillios and Hexagrams just cast two games this morning with a flair for the bizarre.

The duo cast two matches this morning, the London Spitfire versus the Shanghai Dragons, and the New York Excelsior and against the Seoul Dynasty.

During both casts, Robert ‘Hexagrams’ Kirkbride was sweaty, slurring his speech, dropping obscenities, and struggling to look at the camera while dismissing sponsors and rosters with relative ease; dismissing the sponsors is arguably what he had the easiest time doing throughout the morning.

Some took you the YouTube Gaming Live chat to ask whether he was intoxicated or stoned as he flop-sweated through matches, others have compiled interesting videos that offer the full Rob Kirkbride experience; you should probably see for yourself just how bad it got.

Seth ‘Achillios’ King was swapped in for Jaws to cast alongside Hex, and he did an admirable job of attempting to keep the colorful commentary from Robert a bit more in-line while keeping the broadcast focused on the match at hand.

That Achillios and Hex had to do their own halftime show for both matches, as early-morning matches tend to not have as much support due to the odd hours, added to the absolute shenanigans that ensued.

A notable moment was Hex stated that ‘they are doing dumb shit’ live on broadcast; a typical no-no for the stream that tends to embrace a more family-friendly audience than, for example, Counter-Strike.

Robert Kirkbride has stated that he was attempting to flip his schedule back to off-hours to cover the matches this weekend, taking charge of the Asia region of play, and many are pointing to this as precisely why Hexgrams looked ripped out of his mind.

Four hours after the stream concluded, Robert Kirkbride tweeted out that he had taken sleeping pills to attempt to fix his sleep schedule which resulted in one of the most memorable casts seen in recent history for any title.

Along with the sleeping pills, it appears that Robert Kirkbride might also be feeling the effects of the pandemic as we’re all continuing to be stuck inside. The idea that production, whatever level of production is actually there during the off-hours matches, didn’t pull Hexagrams when it was impeccably clear that he would not be able to perform as expected.

Some have taken to Reddit to begin calling for his job, while others say that Brennon Hook should be removed from the cast well before Robert Kirkland is even glimpsed at.

Whatever happened on this stream, it was memorable, and it got turned up to eleven during the NYXL/Dynasty match. Here’s hoping that Robert Kirkbride can manage to get some assistance with what is ailing him so he comes back stronger than ever.