CS:GO – Valve Is Allowing Gaules To Run A Regional Major Despite Actions Taken And Encouraged Against Chaos

CS:GO – Valve Is Allowing Gaules To Run A Regional Major Despite Actions Taken And Encouraged Against Chaos
Credit: Smurfson via YouTube

Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Borba has somehow landed a massive slew of contracts being that he is a very popular Portuguese streamer, after broadcasting the infamous match that pitted Chaos against MIBR, where he explained that Chaos was absolutely cheating since they managed to beat MIBR.

The same MIBR who then managed to take massive losses to T3 teams in Europe during their boot camp and after a disastrous ESL One Cologne 2020 Online showing, even when they were ushered into the semi-finals without needing to compete for the opportunity; a move that likely helped them save face rather than save time during the boot camp.

Gaules was one of the key members in the controversy, showing streams where he (incorrectly, mind you) explained how specific members of Chaos were cheating (which was disproven), showing social media accounts of those that he was accusing (falsely), and stopping just shy of telling his innumerable legion of fans to go and share some words with those that were accused.

It was a massive controversy that, for many, began to spell out precisely how doomed Brazilian CS may actually be, in spite of FURIA’s fantastic legacy and brand doing everything in their power to restore integrity to the scene.

At the center of it all, was Gaules and his friends on MIBR, which still have yet to rescind their massive accusations against Chaos, even after it has been proven that the cheat couldn’t have rendered that far away; in short, they believe that they’re the only ones they can fully tell when cheats are being used.

Take note of that, it’s important.

This resulted in Gaules receiving a slew of contracts to broadcast matches running from Valorant Ignition Series to CS:GO matches, a move that was frowned upon by the community based on, if nothing else, his cowardice and encouragement of hostilities against Chaos EC.

This is bad enough, honestly, yet Valve is once again keen to apparently show the world how disconnected they are; after all, who else speaks Portuguese and has a massive fan base?

So Valve and ESL are offering Gaules the proverbial keys to the kingdom in the Regional Majors that act as qualifiers for the upcoming Rio Major; Gaules is apparently willing to take full advantage of that opportunity to ensure that only members that he likes will get an opportunity to appear and compete.

The event is called Tribo to Major 2020, and it’s run by Gaules and his company. It’s an official qualifier, with big points up for grabs for whoever can manage to win it. Hotly contested competition, what isn’t to like?


The problem stems from the rulebook which is entirely written in Spanish; thankfully, we happen to have a few polyglot friends that are more than willing to help out.

Section 10 states that a committee of Gaules’ choosing will determine if a cheat was used, and result in a suspension for 9,999 days; you can follow along by going to the Tribo to Major 2020 website here: https://www.tribotomajor.com/en. The Major will run with the Gamers Club anti-cheat,  and additional suspicions of cheating will be forwarded to the committee.

By competing in the Tribo to Major means that you agree to all of this; if Gaules and his posse find anyone that they think is ‘cheating’ they and their team are immediately banned from future Majors based on the decision that this shadowy committee reaches. Further, this decision is irreversible.

In qualification to the Major, Gaules has somehow given himself irrevocable control of who gets to compete in the future of Counter-Strike; he holds the keys, and he decides who moves forward. Considering that they have struggled immensely in the past to find anyone actually cheating, and their consistent fervor to hurt Chaos after taking a loss to them (which resulted in the scene being swamped with accusations, and Chaos players making their social media profiles ‘Private’ to stop the massive influx of death threats, this should have more than a few concerned.