The Roguelike Spelunky 2 Is Coming To PC On September 29th

The Roguelike Spelunky 2 Is Coming To PC On September 29th
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The original Spelunky was a huge hit at the time of its release. It’s a platformer that has randomized levels each time you play. That means you never really can guess what elements or obstacles are coming.

You just have to adapt based on the particular situation and hope you play your cards right. The random design keeps the platforming challenging, but very rewarding and diverse.

The game’s sequel — Spelunky 2 — has also gone over well with the gaming community. Like its predecessor, it has randomized challenges that constantly throw you for a loop. Just as you think you have things mastered, new threats and traps add to the tension.

The game has now been out on the PS4 for several weeks. A PC release is also coming, but fans didn’t know what to expect other than a 2020 release. Fortunately now, there is a concrete date set. That day is September 29th, roughly two weeks after Spelunky 2 debuted on the PS4.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for those waiting anxiously to see how gameplay has been improved on PC since the original. It takes elements that made the original great and expands upon them in meaningful ways.

For example, now there is a multiplayer section that lets players join friends online. You can go through this epic story and experience fun challenges with some of your best friends. Co-op — featuring up to four players — is also offered.

Of course, there’s also the solo mode if you prefer to keep to yourself or just want an added challenge going through the random challenges. Compared to the original, Spelunky 2 has way more condensed areas filled to the brim in traps, characters, and new sights.

It’s everything you would want in a sequel quite honestly. The developer didn’t take any important element away and added a lot of new systems to keep loyal fans captivated.

Other noteworthy improvements are the branching areas and animals that can be tamed and ridden. The worlds also feel more reactive thanks to the refined liquid physics.

All in all, Spelunky 2 seems like a competent sequel. If you played the original, this game is more of the same with much more content. Mossmouth has made a successful roguelike experience once again.

They’re hitting their stride and have the ability to keep going for years if they play their cards right. Just a couple of more weeks before PC gamers can check out one of the more fun and addicting platformers of 2020.