The World Of Spelunky Speedrunners Is Astounded By An Unexpected Find

The World Of Spelunky Speedrunners Is Astounded By An Unexpected Find
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An individual named Riverrun recently caused widespread confusion in the Spelunky speedrunning community by releasing a means to unlock Hell’s entrance without using a Book of the Dead. Riverrun appears to have stumbled onto the discovery by complete accident, in contrast to the typical practice among speedrunners, who spend dozens or even hundreds of hours seeking information of this kind. However, when the player submitted a brief gameplay video back in September to a popular speedrunning server on Discord, the story quickly spread throughout the community.

To complete the process, you must manipulate Olmec, the primary boss. When the player character stands right behind it, this enormous statue topples to the ground, breaking several of the blocks below it. Upon accessing the appropriate level, Riverrun discovered that the gateway to Hell was, in fact, open, even though it was tough to access. The solution was to place a sequence of unbreakable blocks above the lava pit at the level’s base and then use Olmec to gradually lower them into the hole.

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The revelation made by Riverrun has left the Spelunky community in such a state of disbelief that well-known YouTuber Karl Jobst felt obligated to create a brief video to provide some clarification on the subject.

Jobst continues by stating that the Spelunky community is in total disbelief. However, an enormous find has recently been discovered, and it’s one that, by all appearances, had been sitting in the open for the past decade.

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Jobst explains that in modern times, established game experts who have spent hundreds or thousands of hours creating theories and conducting investigations are the ones who are most likely to be the ones who make significant discoveries in the game. However, significant breakthroughs can occasionally be made by individuals who are not even a part of the larger scientific community.