Offroad Mechanic Simulator Combines Repairing And Driving Vehicles In Upcoming Release

Offroad Mechanic Simulator Combines Repairing And Driving Vehicles In Upcoming Release
Credit: Offroad Mechanic Simulator via Steam

Image Power S.A. and PlayWay S.A. have announced their newest realistic simulation game Offroad Mechanic Simulator. In the game, players will not only service off-road vehicles but also take them out for a test drive in various environments.

Offroad Mechanic Simulator challenges players to modify off-road vehicles and prepare them for on-the-road testing. Mechanics first accept contracts from clients who want to enhance their vehicles for off-road fun. The jobs are all randomized so players will always have a new challenge to accept. From there, players can customize the vehicle with a variety of parts to make them ready for driving on multiple terrains.

The upgrades include installing a higher suspension, adding a snorkle, choosing tires, winches, absorbers, or more. There are multiple types of accessories for all vehicles. Choosing the right set of accessories depends on the mechanic.

The single-player campaign starts with a new mechanic learning how to improve off-road vehicles. Players will progress in skill and eventually get to service more expensive cars. With the extra profit earned, players can upgrade and improve their workshop to create an “off-road monster.”

After the off-road modifications are complete, players will have to test out their new creations. Mechanics will drive across dangerous terrain, muddy conditions, ponds, and more. Outside of the mechanic’s shop is a wide-open world with plenty of space to drive through.

During testing, vehicles will get muddy. Players have to ensure the vehicle is clean before they hand it off to the client. Small details can make a big difference in how much profit players will make when the job is complete.

Marcin Zaleński, the Chairman of the Image Power Supervisory Board, explained the inspiration behind the game:

As Image Power, we create games that are connected to our hobbies. One of them is off-road driving, thus Offroad Mechanic Simulator is a special title for us. Multiple times we learned the hard way how important it is to properly prepare your truck for a trip and we have first-hand knowledge on which parts of the car are key and how they affect the ride.

While the game has been announced, there is currently no set release date for the title. Players can add it to their wishlists now.

Offroad Mechanic Simulator launches on PC via Steam in the near future.