Company of Heroes Launches On iPhone And Android On September 10

Company of Heroes Launches On iPhone And Android On September 10
Credit: Company Of Heroes Official Website

Last Fall, Feral Interactive announced the iPad port of Relic Entertainment’s 2006 game Company of Heroes. The mobile version of game was only released on the iPad earlier this month. Since its launch on iPad, the game has received several accolades for the port.

A few months later, the company announced that it was planning on porting the game to other mobile platforms, but no details were released. Now, Feral Interactive has released the release date for both the iPhone and Android version of Company of Heroes.

Company of Heroes on the iPad was launched as a premium game and is currently around $13.99. Since players are paying for the title, they won’t have to deal with in-app ads to distract from gameplay. Also previously announced was a major advantage iPhone players will have, especially if they purchased the game on iPad. The iPad version of the game is universal, so iPhone players will receive it free if they already bought it once.

However, there are around ten in-app purchases. Many of them are for additional campaign missions, plus skirmish maps, and high-quality models. Feral Interactive has set up bundles for categories of content, plus an option to purchase all of the DLC content.

Company of Heroes is an RTS title that takes place during World War 2. The game was previously published by THQ in 2006 but has continued to be popular with players. The game begins with the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, then leading Allied soldiers through many of the battles during the war. The game contains both the original campaign and a Skirmish mode.

Company of Heroes is available to wishlist on the Play Store now. Players can preorder the title now or review the store page to learn more about the game. There’s also a list of devices the game is officially supported for. The Play Store will also notify users if their device is not compatible with the game.

The game has been optimized for mobile devices. According to the publisher’s Twitter account, there’s currently no news for the expansions Tales of Valor and Opposing Fronts at this time. Concerning the controls, mouse and keyboard are not yet supported as well, since the UI was build from the ground up for touch controls.

If players need some additional help, Feral Interactive has released several helpful tutorials and other tips on how to strategize roops to victory.

Company of Heroes launches on the iPhone and Android on September 10. the game is available now on iPad.