The Real-Time Strategy Game Company Of Heroes 2 Is Now Free On Steam Thanks To Relic Entertainment

The Real-Time Strategy Game Company Of Heroes 2 Is Now Free On Steam Thanks To Relic Entertainment
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you’re looking for something fun to play on PC this weekend and don’t want to spend a bunch of money, you might head over to Steam. Right now, you can pick up the real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2. This is a pretty competent strategy game that is certainly worth its full retail price, so the fact that it’s being offered on Steam for free is amazing.

It seems like the game’s developer — Relic Entertainment — is in the giving spirit. That’s great news if you’ve been looking for something dynamic on the military combat side of gaming. Company of Heroes 2 originally came out in 2013, but even by today’s standards, it’s a great tactical strategy game.

It takes a lot of the elements that made the original beloved, but pushes them forward in novel directions. The combat system is as in-depth as it gets. This realism is on full display with the weather conditions. They can have a direct impact on the strategies you devise for battle. Even the way you position your squad members also affects your overall success on the battlefield.

A huge reason for these advanced battle tactics and designs is because of the Essence Engine 3.0. It improves the graphical quality to deliver authentic combat warfare, the likes of which you’ve probably never had the pleasure of seeing.

The game even has environmental destruction, which you’ll have the pleasure of seeing firsthand thanks to the TrueSight system. It’s amazing how much detail went into this game, from the environments to the actual battle sequences.

The base game comes with a particularly gripping story mode and online multiplayer. The former gives you the chance to experience the Red Army (SOV) as they wage war with Germany to prevent Mother Russia from being captured by hostile invaders. You’ll get to see historical events transpire and get put in control of the commander of the Red Army. If you enjoy history, then this game has a lot to offer.

Just as great as the solo campaign is the online multiplayer. There are so many players to wage war against. Every battle pits you against different challenges, be it the weather, limited resources, or advanced tactics from the opponent. You’ll have to be on your A game the entire time to come out on top. The added variety of each battle will keep you coming back for more.

All in all, Company of Heroes 2 is a stellar strategy game that gives you a lot of content to delve into. This free offering wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Relic Entertainment, who is also offering discounts on a lot of their other games.