Crusader Kings II Is Offering The Sword Of Islam For Free On Steam This Weekend If You Download It

Crusader Kings II Is Offering The Sword Of Islam For Free On Steam This Weekend If You Download It
Credit: Arumba via YouTube

Crusader Kings II Is a Paradox Development Studios that focuses on the more medieval times of history, at the close of the dark ages.  Strategy is vital, as is protecting your lands from threats both inside your court and outside of your lands.  It’s almost like a grand campaign of chess, where the king can enter an inappropriate relationship with a horse, or become possessed by a devil.

The DLC Sword of Islam was introduced to players mid-2012 and brought about Muslim leaders, Shia versus Sunni events, Imams, polygamy, and a Muslim Dynasty Decadence System, among other new mechanics.  Of course, not many people were happy with more religious fervor being added to the game, but it all worked out in the end for developer Paradox Studios, as rabble-rousers found something more interesting to rally behind other than an alternate history simulator.

For this weekend, all you need to do to add this DLC to Crusader Kings II (which is now free to play the base game) is log into the Steam platform, and add the DLC to your library.  You need to have Crusader Kings II in your library already, which is now as simple as clicking a few extra buttons.

Of course, giving away content that others have paid for in the past is a risky move, and fans of the series were ready to take to the Steam reviews to denounce Paradox’ move to continue to drum up interest for Crusader Kings III, due out sometime in 2020.

Beyond the feeling that this DLC may have been in the base game, considering that the game is focused on the holy Crusades that the Pope encouraged against guess who, some find themselves a bit miffed that the various  Muslim religion mechanics weren’t included from the get-go.

This lack of inclusion has raised some brows, as players would be hundreds of hours deep in their dynasty, only for their monarch to begin dabbling in the Muslim religion.  Their character converting to the Muslim religion, from Christianity of paganism, would result in a rather unceremonious game-over, with nothing the player could do.  Unless they wanted to purchase the $10 DLC that unlocked Muslims, of course.

Beyond that seemingly shifty move from Paradox, where you would buy a DLC or your game would simply end, the DLC itself is a solid staple that adds even greater political intrigue to be readily found both inside the hearth, and outside of the ramparts.

Now we can all finally wage a Jihad on the Holy Catholic Church.