Poker Club Is An Immersive Poker Simulation Coming To PS5 And PS4 This Year

Poker Club Is An Immersive Poker Simulation Coming To PS5 And PS4 This Year
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Poker has always been a fascinating spectator sport to watch. Talented players all around the world get together in big tournaments and put their skills to the test, with big stakes adding to the suspense.

Well now gamers can experience this popular card game and addicting action in Poker Club. It’s a poker simulation experience that was just teased in a trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel. We see a little bit more of what goes down in this ever-popular card game.

It’s more about the cards. You have to read your opponent, know when to up the stakes, and always be willing to gamble. The trailer also takes us through some of the venues you’ll get to play in as you move forward in your poker career.

Starting out you’ll play in small rooms, but as you start making a name for yourself, grand venues await. For example, you’ll be able to join private sessions in hotel suits that you just have to see to believe.

Play your cards right and you’ll be playing in the biggest events around the world, the ones that are televised throughout the year. Never before has poker looked this authentic , dramatic, and fun.

Poker Club is currently scheduled to release later in the year on the PS4 and PS5. A poker game being available on a next-gen console sounds appetizing.

Although performance-wise you probably won’t benefit from the advanced specs, visually, that’s a different story. The upgraded graphics will just further immerse gamers in the lives of a professional poker player.

The game is being developed and published by Ripstone. Where it’s shining the brightest is its online portion. According to the game’s press release, players can join in on private and public lobbies, featuring opponents across the globe.

These lobbies seem like the perfect place to test your skills and learn the trade of poker from some of the best to ever do it online. There also will be leaderboards, which ups the stakes for players looking to make a name for themselves.

The more you play Poker Club, the more rewards and cosmetics you’ll be able to earn. That also looks like a fun aspect. You can design your very own poker star, giving them all sorts of attire that you think fits their image.

Never before has a poker game of this magnitude come out. It should provide one of the better looks into the world of professional poker.