Grand Theft Auto Online’s Latest Update Features Blackjack, Horse Racing, Master Penthouses, And More

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Latest Update Features Blackjack, Horse Racing, Master Penthouses, And More
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online came out today. The “Diamond Casino & Resort” update brings an all-new location, theme, and dozens of missions and mini-games to the long-lived online sandbox. Fans will be sure to love this one.

The update takes players to Diamond Casino, a massive new area where players can cut loose with in-game gambling mini-games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Slot Machines. The casino also comes with new vehicles, collectibles, a customizable penthouse only available to VIP Members, and missions. All of these features are just the latest of several substantive updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, which was first released in 2013.

For players who are primarily interested in the casino aspect of the update, Rockstar, GTA‘s developers, have a lot to offer. Of course, there are the typical offerings: Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and all the like. But that’s not all there is on offer.

Rockstar has also included an opportunity called the Lucky Wheel, which will give each player a daily spin for the opportunity to win numerous rewards. Some of which include GTA$ (GTA Online‘s in-game currency) and discounts on other items.

The Diamond Casino and Resort also allows players to purchase a VIP Membership for their characters that gives access to several quirks. One is access to a new Penthouse Suite, which the player can upgrade with a lounge, spa, office space, a media room, and even more. The VIP Membership also comes with parking garage access, valet service (you can step out the door and your car will be there waiting for you), access to a roof-top helicopter, and use of the resort’s world-class “cleaning service,” which is claimed to be one of the most “respected crime scene cleanup teams in the state.”

There are dozens of other fun features. Rockstar’s promotional website for Diamond Casino and Resort also promises free champagne service. This service allows any member to spray half of a bottle of champagne “over the most exclusive clientele in the state” and then down “the rest straight out of the bottle.” Furthermore, the casino’s “security teams are obliged to loudly applaud.”

None of these features actually include the dozens of new missions and storylines added along with the update, which will be sure to give Grand Theft Auto Online players tons of new material to sift through and enjoy.

Be sure to check out the new update if you’re a Grand Theft Auto Online fan.