Crusader Kings 3 Is Now Available On Xbox Game Pass For PC

Crusader Kings 3 Is Now Available On Xbox Game Pass For PC
Credit: Paradox Interactive via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass for PC has been a great avenue to pick up a lot of quality games. The hits just keep coming for the month of September. Probably the biggest heavy-hitter on the list is Crusader Kings 3. It’s now available on the platform, which should be music to your ears if you’re already a subscribed member.

Crusader Kings 3 is one of the better grand strategy games. It follows up the second game with even more systems and features to bury yourself deep in. At every stage, there is always something to manage and get involved in.

You’ll start out selecting a royal house. There are many and they’re located all across the globe. Whichever house you end up representing, you’ll be tasked with managing it over the centuries. That’s a long time and as you might imagine, things will not ever go smoothly.

Some years you may be dealing with famine, especially if you don’t manage your resources effectively. A few years down the line and you might find yourself locked in battle with another royal house. The only way to resolve things may be bloodshed.

These are the tough decisions you’ll have to make, but you’ll make them with vested interest the entire time. There aren’t many games that have the scale that Crusader Kings 3 has. There are just so many facets that bring you back time and time again.

You get to customize your own character and decide what attributes suit them perfectly. You’ll also be in charge of recruiting soldiers and choosing allies to stand by your side during your time of need. Choose wisely, though. Heavy lies the crown and there are always threats lurking in the shadows.

The general way you rule also has a lot of intrigue. Do you carry out tasks by the book or do you get your hands dirty? Your actions will directly impact your house and reputation so be careful.

When you’re not making impactful decisions as ruler, you’ll get wrapped up in a captivating story. It never runs short of plot twists, thankfully. Games like this have become the norm for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Just as you put one great title down, another is added shortly. It’s one of the better platforms and values for gamers looking to access to a lot of great titles. If you fancy yourself an RPG fan, then Crusader Kings 3 is not one to miss on this platform.