The Orb Collecting Mini-Game In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is A Big Throwback To Earlier Collection Games From The Past

The Orb Collecting Mini-Game In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is A Big Throwback To Earlier Collection Games From The Past
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Reviews for the latest Dragon Ball Z game, Kakarot, are just starting to roll out with its release on Friday. And there are all kinds of things going on. Some people love it, others hate it, and many folks are right down the middle about how good the game actually is. But one thing we can all be sure about is the orb collecting mini-game that happens to be in the game.

It sorta reminds me (as well as many other reviewers out there) of some old school Sonic titles or maybe even Banjo Kazooie hunting down all those musical notes in their own game world. All of this is taking place within the overarching Dragon Ball Z game. You fly around on your magic nimbus cloud, collect as many red orbs as you possibly can, and hope you get something nice out of it. That’s totally cool, and a really fun and neat dynamic.

In the game, Goku can hop onto his flying nimbus cloud and zip around the map, exploring places within the world of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

The whole game takes place in an open world environment, so players will be able to zip about visiting new areas, seeing new places, and looking for new questlines. So, of course, there would be an open collection quest while you’re moving around. And the collection of the orbs even comes with one of those classic sound effects that pop out every time you get a new orb.

So what can you get with these orbs? All kinds of things. The world will give the player incredible power-ups, new techniques, abilities, and even items if you collect enough of the orbs. Those can definitely come in handy if you’re facing off against Vegeta or Cell or any of the other series villains. So make sure to take a moment while you’re flying around and fighting bad guys to get out there and collect some orbs.

The upcoming game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will be an open-world role-playing action style game created and developed by CyberConnect2. It’s sure to be one hell of a time if you like role-playing games, fighting games, or just happen to be a fan of the anime or manga. The game officially released for Microsoft Windows PC, the Playstation 4, and the Xbox One on January 17th (Friday). Be sure to get your copy if this sounds like your style.