The Arcade Racer Hotshot Racing Releases On September 10th

The Arcade Racer Hotshot Racing Releases On September 10th
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There are plenty of racing games available on the marketplace. A lot of them take a more serious approach to this genre, featuring realistic simulation. Every once in a while, though, a racer comes along with an arcade style.

Hotshot Racing is this type of game. Developed by Lucky Mountain Games, this fast-paced arcade racer is a throwback to the racing genre. Rather than putting an emphasis on jaw-dropping graphics and realistic driving mechanics, fun racing experiences are what matter most.

A new trailer for it just released that shows off these arcade visuals and mechanics. They look amazing. Some of the controls players will be using are broken down, including drifting, drafting, and boosting. You’ll need to master them all to come out victorious on a consistent basis.

In addition to the action-packed racing, a couple of different modes are teased. You can race as a criminal, trying to escape the cops. Or, you can join law enforcement and put an end to reckless driving taking place all over the streets. Both give players a different perspective that should make Hotshot Racing diverse in gameplay.

The game also has an online multiplayer, where up to eight players can join in on the fun and see who has what it takes to come out number one. Split-screen co-op — which supports four players — is also offered for those that plan on having party nights enjoying Hotshot Racing.

Every year, there are many racing games that do their best to re-invent the wheel — with varying success. Sometimes it’s nice when a developer like Lucky Mountain Games comes around and just keeps the basics. That’s fun gameplay, easy-to-pick-up controls, and welcoming graphics. This mix makes this game instantly stand out.

You don’t have to be an advanced racer to enjoy this game, but there does look like some skills involved to racing past competitors. It’s a beautiful balance that interested gamers can check out on September 10th. That’s now just a couple of days away.

Whether you like the racing genre or are just looking for some fun action to compete head to head with friends, Hotshot Racing is delivering on all fronts and has an alluring retro vibe that’s hard not to love. It may not have a lot of buzz heading into its release, but it’s a game everyone should check out — especially those that grew up playing these arcade racers back in the day.