The Iconic Toyota Supra Is Coming To Forza Horizon 4 After A Lengthy Absence From Car-Racing Games

The Iconic Toyota Supra Is Coming To Forza Horizon 4 After A Lengthy Absence From Car-Racing Games
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

There are a lot of great sports cars that get a lot of attention for their looks and performance. However, very few have garnered as much talk and attention as the Toyota Supra. If you’re into performance cars, this is the holy grail of tuner vehicles. It burst on the silver screens in the Fast and Furious series, and has since gone on to achieve a cult-like following. That includes the video game sector.

And yet, the Supra has been noticeably absent from racing simulators other than the Gran Turismo series. That has to do with the company saying they didn’t support any sort of illegal street racing. Instead, they would much rather their car be licensed in games that feature on-track racing.

These sentiments didn’t go over too well with the gaming and car community. Street racing has been a part of car culture for decades now. It’s not going away any time soon and there are those who swear by it. Toyota quickly walked back these statements, and it appears they’ve listened to the community.

That’s because the previous licensing issues have been worked out just in time for the Supra to show up in Forza Horizon 4. That’s right. The Series 17 update will be including the fourth-generation Supra.

This super-car is beloved by many for its iconic body profile and horsepower. Vary rarely does a car gain the type of iconic status that the fourth-generation Supra has. Being able to race it in Forza Horizon 4 is amazing news that should give fans of this racing simulator series all the more reason to stick with the game.

The 2020 Supra marks this beloved car’s re-introduction onto the market after being out of production for many years. One has to imagine that the fourth-generation Supra in the video game will perform just how die-hards expect it to: Fast, nimble, and with a ton of personality.

We don’t have any trailers showing off the car’s performance, but you can rest assured the developers at Turn 10 Studios will do right by car enthusiasts. They know how much fans care about even the smallest details, so it’s safe to assume they’ll go all out for the return of the Supra.

This latest Supra addition is just one of many amazing cars in Forza Horizon 4. It’s one of the best racing simulators you can find today, featuring unique challenges and beautiful graphics. Now, you’ll be able to ride off in the sunset with one of the most important cars of this generation. It will be available on December 12.