Borderlands 3 Is Receiving New Content Today, Including ‘The Toughest Challenge In The Game’ – Mayhem 4

Borderlands 3 Is Receiving New Content Today, Including ‘The Toughest Challenge In The Game’ – Mayhem 4
Credit: Borderlands via YouTube

Borderlands 3 is receiving a sizeable update today, going live by 5 pm Pacific Time. The update includes a range of different elements, including new content, as well as fixes community members have asking for.

The entire patch notes can be found on the official Borderlands website, and players can follow the link to it via this tweet:

There is some new exciting new content coming to Borderlands 3:

Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

The Vault Hunters have been contracted by Lorelei to complete a secret mission. They must destroy the weapon Maliwan has been building at their Blacksite.

This activity has been developed for four level 50 players, so gamers should expect a challenge.

Borderlands players can find the Blacksite on Sanctuary III after they complete the primary campaign.

A developer note reminds gamers to make sure the entire squad is in session before the switch is thrown into the airlock. Once the switch has been thrown, everyone that joins after will have to settle-in as a spectator.

There are special rules that have been implemented for this activity that is unique to the game.

First of all, respawning is disabled. That means gamers need to come equipped with Second Wind, or simply, don’t die. However, the former seems like a more realistic alternative.

There are a few exceptions: if a player dies before the group defeats the Valkyrie Squad, they will be brought back to life after the boss is deceased. Also, if a gamer is downed before Wotan the Invincible, they will be brought back once the team kills him and be able to share in the rewards that they may or may not have earned.

Mayhem 4

Yep, this is going to hurt, bad, as this will be the toughest challenge Borderland gamers have faced thus far.

Enemies will receive more health, but if players can kill them, the loot drop chances have been increased, including the addition of a new set of Legendaries.

The development team also adjusted the random modifier system to be balanced with the increased health of enemies. “Mayhem 4 will only roll one positive modifier for the player and one enemy bonus modifier.” Gearbox is doing this so gamers can have a bit more freedom when trying out builds and not being subject to overwhelming wipes.

Mayhem 4 is featuring new Legendary weapons as well as class mods for gamers to seek.

The station has been changed slightly to incorporate Mayhem 4. Players will access Mayhem through the center pillar and will use the pillars on the side to shift the Mayhem level.

Mayhem 4 has been a requested difficulty mode for a long time, so it’s great to see that it has arrived, however, it has yet to be seen if gamers will regret their request!