Tuned-Out Games Has Announced Demons Ate My Neighbors! A Classics Inspired Demonic Adventure

Tuned-Out Games Has Announced Demons Ate My Neighbors! A Classics Inspired Demonic Adventure
Credit: Steam XO

Inspired by the LucasArts classic Zombies At My Neighbors comes a demon-filled spin-off sequel from Tuned-Out Games. Demons Ate My Neighbors is the unofficial spiritual succors that’s harnessing the spirit of LucasArts and driving it into this thrilling ’80s style camp horror.

Experience the classic game with a modern twist as the game bring in additional abilities and levels of progression. This title is starting in Kickstart planning its campaign on September 1. They are hoping to raise $175,000 in funding to add even more levels, monsters, and content to the game.

Demons Ate My Neighbors is a 360-degree twin-stick shooter mixed with roguelite action. Use powerful secondary weapons and experience stackable upgrades that will drive forward the hardcore game dans ane bash them with cure, fun, punk style monster designs.

This game is all about hanging with your friends, exploring the town, and dealing with demons. Experience a fantastical, flashy, and thrilling adventure that mixes classic horror with a campier version of camp-style horror.

Mix in-game power-ups to become a game-breaking apocalypse machine. With easy to learn controls mixed with fun, fast, memorable stages players will enjoy reach round of gameplay. Each level is procedurally generated allowing a unique experience in every run, with each map lasting 10 to 45 minutes long.

Inspired by retro twin-stick systems this game is designed to be a nostalgic trip back to arcade horror experience.

Experience the local co-op experience as you pump, refill, and spill your Splasha squirt guns upon the evil demonic plague. Filled with infinite holy water this weapon will unleash holy hydro hell upon all your enemies. Swap the nozzle and change your shot effects as you help save the suburbs of your small town.

This game takes advantage of infinite timelines allowing your deaths to simply never happen in canon. Smash through and loot the city like a hooligan as long as you zap and splash all the enemies you come across in the meantime.

Enjoy a retro 80s themed soundtrack that will mix morning cartoons with manic killers. This is a humorous adventure into the unknown as you enjoy a 3D top-down retro experience fit for a 1990s arcade.

This title will be available sometime later next year. The game is launching into Kickstart to try and raise funds for its expansion upon the initial devlopment. Interested fans can wishlist Demons ate My Neighbors on Steam or wait for the game to release on PC and next-gen consoles.