PlayStation 5’s Reveal Event Is Set To Announce Games Coming To The Next-Gen Console

PlayStation 5’s Reveal Event Is Set To Announce Games Coming To The Next-Gen Console
Credit: PlayStation Website

Sony’s upcoming generation of console has stayed in the news quite a bit in 2020. Whether we’re discussing unfounded rumors or praising the technological advancements on display, it seems that the PlayStation 5 has quite a bit of buzz around it.

Of course, why wouldn’t it? A new PlayStation console is always a landmark, and with this latest chapter in the console wars, we’ve seen as much drama as ever before with all sides trying to get a leg up over the other.

One of the main selling points of the PlayStation 5 has been backwards compatibility so far – a selling point that was incidentally shot down not long ago by rumors, but one that still seems to be proving true. We wrote in mid-April about PlayStation’s claim that the title would report thousands of current-gen games by launch.

What’s more, as we reported then, these titles will also be getting a bit of a tune-up to make them even better for the new generation. All games played on the PlayStation 5, allegedly, will have a higher resolution and greater frame rates to allow players to jump back into their favorites with a nice treat.

But if we’re just sticking to the current generation of titles, why move on at all? The best part of the next generation of consoles is, of course, the next generation of games!

In today’s reveal of the Unreal Engine 5, Jeff Grubb mentioned that there would be a “slate of games” to be announced, seemingly on June 4th. June 4th is a date that fits up quite nicely with the rumored reveals that we’ve had leaked in the past, so it seems to have a bit of authority.

In response to another Twitter user saying that the reveal didn’t sound promising – they admitted to not having the best grasp of English and feeling like “slate” was a negative, small term – Grubb clarified that there would be “an entire slate of games. A lot.”

There’s no exact number given, but “a lot” isn’t generally used to describe a small number of reveals, is it? We won’t know until June 4th arrives a few weeks from now, but at least it seems like we have a set date to look forward to now!

Given the previously-discussed comments from Tim Sweeney of Epic, the PlayStation 5 is set to be one of the most technologically advanced consoles on the market. In Sweeney’s words, the storage capabilities on offer here will rival even the highest end of PCs, forcing the market to evolve and advance.

While that’s a bold claim, it’s certainly one that adds a bit of excitement to the whole situation! If the PlayStation 5 really is set to be such an advanced, line-crossing machine, then the reveal of games will likely blow the competition as far out of the water as the console itself supposedly will.