World Of Warcraft’s Nazjatar Just Received A New Hotfix To Make The Reputation Grind A Bit Easier

World Of Warcraft’s Nazjatar Just Received A New Hotfix To Make The Reputation Grind A Bit Easier
Credit: Dalaran Gaming via YouTube

Blizzard is always applying hotfixes to their flagship MMORPG, World of Warcraft. With the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion rapidly approaching, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is getting more than a few patches to make the content easier.

While this sounds like the game is just dropping into easy-mode, it’s really more a case of wanting players to experience content before hurtling them off into the Shadowlands. More than anything, the changes that Blizzard has added in the last few months simply make it faster to grind through the content.

This latest hotfix patch brings a single quality-of-life change for players butting their head against endgame. With this new change, downing a Rare Elite enemy in Nazjatar will reward more reputation.

There’s a catch, though; if you want the reward, you have to be ready to fight for it.

Blizzard has made it so that this new reward is only available to those with the guts to drop into Warmode and take the fight to the opposing faction. Only players that have World PvP turned on via Warmode will earn the extra reputation token from killing a Rare Elite Nazjatar mob.

Warmode is the World PvP mode for players to opt into if they want to fight against the opposing faction in contested zones. By doing so, players are transferred into their own phase filled only with other Warmode players. To give further incentive, Warmode grants extra experience but doesn’t do much else once you hit max level until now.

It may not seem like much for a rare enemy to drop a single Battle Commendation, but the reputation gain can add up fast, especially given how many rare elites spawn in Nazjatar. Keeping Warmode on while you down a few tough mobs will help you get to Exalted with your faction’s Nazjatar group much faster.

More than anything, this synergizes well with the buff that Blizzard added in not too long ago, Impressive Influence, which doubles all experience gains. Combined with the new battle commendations, reputation can be gained incredibly quickly.

If you’ve already unlocked your Pathfinder achievement, you might not care too much about gathering Nazjatar reputation. Still, if you’re aiming to hit Exalted for a few awards from either the Unshackled or Ankoan, this is a great addition for you.

One of the consistent complaints about World of Warcraft in the past has been the ceaseless grind to access endgame content, which Blizzard seems to be slowly removing. Combined with the Impressive Influence buff, this new change makes it significantly easier for players to get through Nazjatar and join in on the later content, whether it be Pathfinder or just a few cosmetic awards from their watery faction.