Blizzard Is Implementing A Double-Reputation Buff In World Of Warcraft Starting April 20th

Blizzard Is Implementing A Double-Reputation Buff In World Of Warcraft Starting April 20th
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard has been on a streak with adding features to keep people indoors and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. They recently added – then extended by popular demand – a double-experience buff to World of Warcraft‘s modern client, and they’ve done plenty on their other titles to help as well, such as unlocking every playable hero in Heroes of the Storm so that players could enjoy the game a bit more – an event which is now, unfortunately, over.

But that doesn’t mean they’re done! Blizzard has announced that they’ll be implementing a buff in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth to allow players to receive significantly more reputation with the Battle for Azeroth factions.

“Do you have your eye on unlocking an Allied Race, learning to fly in Battle for Azeroth, or adding a new pet or mount to your collection?” Blizzard writes in their announcement on their blog. “Beginning April 20th through May 18th, players can exalt in the reputation buff Impressive Influence, which will increase reputation gains by 100% with Legion and Battle for Azeroth factions!”

This bonus does exclude the Uldum Accord and Rajani factions, but all other factions are being included. Regardless of that small exclusion, having a double-reputation buff is absolutely incredible and will do an incredible amount to make sure that people are able to unlock whatever they want to unlock.

Allied Races will likely be the biggest benefit of this, as players need to reach exalted with a faction – the highest tier of reputation – before they can complete the quest to unlock that Allied Race as a playable race. This can be a pretty intense grind, especially since players only have so many World Quests a day to grind out the rep.

Another great target for this is unlocking the Pathfinder achievement for Battle for Azeroth, which will allow players to fly during the expansion. Blizzard typically restricts flying when players first enter an expansion to make it so that the content isn’t just powered through and to help the environment feel alive, but will then implement a Pathfinder achievement that requires players to have completed a myriad of objectives to then unlock flying.

It’s another wonderful example of Blizzard listening to their player base, which seems to have been something they’re genuinely trying to do better with as the months go on. If you’ve had your eye on an Allied Race but have been struggling to get the reputation you need, you’ll have a much easier time of it starting on April 20th!