Blizzard Updates World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Alpha With New Torghast Mechanics

Blizzard Updates World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Alpha With New Torghast Mechanics
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard has been pushing out an incredible amount of content for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. With so much content heading to the alpha for testing, there seems to be no end to the changes.

This latest batch of changes is targeted towards Torghast, Tower of the Damned. The never-ending and repeatable dungeon is set to be one of the crux points of content in the new expansion, providing gear and a chaotic, time-based challenge.

As you battle through the floors of Torghast, you’ll be fighting to clear your way to the next checkpoint against the clock. Run out of time and your worst nightmare gets manifested in the form of the unstoppable slow-moving juggernaut of death, the Tarragrue.

But since an unstoppable herald of demise wasn’t quite enough to make the Tower of the Damned feel urgent, Blizzard has added a few more mechanics to the dungeon to make it a bit more hectic.

Today’s build introduced the concept of Soft Timers, as well as Break Rooms, which are both a bit self-explanatory as well as unique in their function. These new mechanics add both a small reprieve and a new motivation at the same time.

Break Rooms are the first and simplest mechanic, acting quite similar to the Safe Rooms in the Left 4 Dead franchise. Break Rooms take place at the start of each floor, granting a quiet shelter for the players.

In this shelter, players will be able to change their talents and take a moment to collect themselves. If you need to take a break from the game for a quick moment to walk your dog or use the restroom, that can be done here without the timer beginning.

Once you leave that Break Room, though, your Soft Timer will be activated. These won’t occur until the tenth floor and farther, but seem set to occur on each floor thereafter.

The Soft Timer takes the form of a debuff that will slowly increase the difficulty. They take the form of Torments, a debuff which makes the floor vie against you even harder, whether it be by buffing your opponents or knocking you down a peg.

These Soft Timers don’t have a set time – you won’t need to get out in a timeframe of ten minutes or something blunt like that. Instead, these Soft Timers will ramp up the difficulty until you hit an impossible wall to continue, whether it be that your opposition is too strong or you’ve become too weak.

Once this level gets hit, you’ll find the Tarragrue right behind you, ready to launch you out of the Tower of the Damned. This new build is bringing a great amount of difficulty, so be prepared to have a bit more of a challenge in your endlessly-challenging content!