PlayStation 5’s Backwards Compatibility Will Reportedly Support Thousands Of PS4 Games By Launch

PlayStation 5’s Backwards Compatibility Will Reportedly Support Thousands Of PS4 Games By Launch
Credit: PlayStation via Twitter

As the console race pushes on, more and more news is coming out on a daily basis about the consoles that will make up the newest generation. One of the selling points of the PlayStation 5 is that the title is intended to have a highly extensive backward compatibility.

Backward compatibility, if you haven’t heard the term, essentially means that the console will be able to run games from previous generations. This makes it so that your entire gaming library isn’t completely obsolete and unplayable once you switch to a newer console.

But the games won’t just be available. According to some sources, the games that will be playable are also getting a visual upgrade. Games played on the PlayStation 5 will have a higher resolution and better frame rates so that players can enjoy their favorite classics in better, clearer graphics.

It’s more good news coming out of a console that has had a lot of good news lately. The competition is stiff between PlayStation and Xbox, with the Xbox technically having better specs (on paper, at least). Backward compatibility is one of the main selling points of the PlayStation 5 with the specs in mind, so knowing that they’re bringing as much to the feature as possible is great.

Of course, there have been reports that the PlayStation 5 isn’t going to be as up to par as it should be technologically. We wrote not too long ago about some rumors that had been spreading around the internet about the PlayStation 5 being technologically inferior to its competitors, with a drastic overheating problem among a high variety of other issues.

However, it’s important to note that those rumors were begun by a random YouTube commenter who was acting under the principle of “dude, trust me, I know a guy” with no actual proof or reliability behind them. Despite this, a great number of reputable outlets picked up the rumor and spread it like wildfire.

We also got our first look at the controller recently, which is a drastic change from the form that the PlayStation controllers have typically taken. On top of being stark white, it also has a more curved body than the controllers usually have.

That said, we won’t know for sure what level of technological advance there is until we have our hands on the console. The controller certainly seems pretty impressive, but there’s no way for us to tell for certain until everything is hooked up in our homes.