Tim Sweeney, CEO Of Epic, Claims PlayStation 5 Will Surpass PCs At Launch

Tim Sweeney, CEO Of Epic, Claims PlayStation 5 Will Surpass PCs At Launch
Credit: PlayStation via Twitter

The console wars are filled with bold moves and bolder claims as all sides try to get some sort of dominance over the others. Today, the PlayStation 5 gained a good bit of attention after a statement from Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic.

Previously, we discussed some rumors – albeit ones with extremely unreliable sources – that the next generation of PlayStation would be technologically inferior to competitors. You can read the whole article here.

Essentially, an unfounded source by the name of Jeff Rickel used the “Dude, trust me” argument to claim that the next-gen would be inferior. The person claimed that the system would be pushed back repeatedly, suffer overheating issues, and ultimately crash out.

These rumors were spread quite swiftly by some outlets in the gaming community, especially on social media. However, again, there was never anything to back these rumors up and they existed as pure gossip.

Today, however, someone with much more authority on the subject came out to say the opposite. Tim Sweeney is a significantly more trustworthy figure, and given that he leads a company that develops games for the system, we can take his words with a bit more conviction.

Specifically, Tim Sweeney praised the SSD – Solid State Drive – of the console and the impact this storage will have during an interview with Geoff Keighley. If you’re familiar with PC’s or have even built one yourself, the term likely isn’t lost on you. Sweeney praised the “unique” SSD that will come with the console, saying the following:

“Sony’s storage system is absolutely world-class. Not only the best-in-class on console, but also the best on any platform, better than high-end PC’s. This is going to enable the types of immersion we only could have dreamed of in the past.”

It’s interesting to hear that something as seemingly minor as another form of storage is going to somehow rocket the PlayStation 5 past PCs. This is especially confusing when you remember that the vast majority of PC’s, especially in the world of gaming, utilize SSDs with ease.

Sweeney continues to brag that the system’s new specifications will be the death of loading screens, bringing a new age of gaming into the world. All in all, the CEO considers the storage architecture of the next-gen PlayStation to outclass anything else on any market.

Unfortunately, Sweeney doesn’t go further in-depth on how this new storage system will be such an impressive feature. Rather, Sweeney simply sings praises from the mountain tops and states that it will, in fact, be good. Hopefully, as time goes on, we’ll get a closer look at exactly what makes this addition so much better than any other available option.