Open World Pirate Action RPG Under the Jolly Roger Sets Sail On September 3

Open World Pirate Action RPG Under the Jolly Roger Sets Sail On September 3
Credit: Nintendo Switch Store

HeroCraft has announced the release date of Under the Jolly Roger on the Nintendo Switch. The game is an open-world pirate adventure with multiple regions to explore. The game is currently available for preorder on the Nintendo Switch eShop, and pricing will depend on the player’s region.

Under the Jolly Roger is a single-player game with three vast worlds. In each world are a variety of places to explore, such as colonies, forts, and more. Players can also accept multiple quests or plunder one of many ships sailing in the water.

The main focus of the game is sailing in the water itself. Players can sail almost limitless. The game includes a Global Map, but it’s not necessary to use, but some may want to know where their next target is located.

A ship needs a crew and Under the Jolly Roger includes multiple pirates. Each resident on board has a leveling system attached. What may start off as a rookie pirate may grow into an experienced old pirate.

A short trailer lasting slightly over one minute showcases some of the battles. Pirates will have to fight against multiple pirate ships or giant Kraken. While on land, walking skeletons will challenge anyone who dares trespass on their territory. Once pirates are successful at defeating their enemies, there’s plenty of riches to claim.

In Under the Jolly Roger, players will not only explore new lands but fight other ships on the sea or on land. Some of the arsenals include guns, mortars, flamethrowers, and other naval gear. The most unique and antique pieces can only be acquired by accepting multilevel quests. Although these quests will take longer than others, the rewards are worth the effort.

With the extra items, players can decide to sell them to others. Becoming a merchant is also important to be a successful pirate in the game. Pirates will want to play nice with some colonies to make a new trading partner.

Humans aren’t the only enemies in the game. Under the Jolly Roger contains giant sea monsters hiding in the waters. No matter where players sail, there’s always an adventure waiting for them in the game.

The game will only be available as a digital download of 1.2 GB on the Switch eShop. The supported languages include Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

HeroCraft is a developer that has worked on over 200 games on PC, mobile, and consoles. Some of its previous releases include ‌Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf and ‌Space‌ ‌Arena:‌ ‌Build‌ and‌ ‌Fight‌.

Under the Jolly Roger launches on September 3 for the Nintendo Switch.