Anthem 2.0 Will Feature A New Pirate Faction According To Concept Art

Anthem 2.0 Will Feature A New Pirate Faction According To Concept Art
Credit: ChaosprimeZ YT via YouTube

There have been a lot of games to disappoint fans, but most recently, Anthem falls into this category. It had a lot of promising elements, especially the ability to fly like Iron Man in suits known as Javelins. Unfortunately, the game didn’t leave up to expectations.

It was plagued with a bevy of glitches at launch, but even more pressing was the fact that it lacked any real direction. Flying around the beautiful environments does provide its fare share of fun experiences, but there isn’t enough depth to really keep you captivated.

BioWare has since acknowledged their shortcomings and also future plans for Anthem. Rather than giving up on the action role-playing game that released back in January of 2019, they have plans to make it better in what’s being called Anthem 2.0.

There haven’t been many details about what changes are on the horizon, at least until recently. Some concept art has surfaced from studio director Christian Dailey. It shows off a new pirate faction that will be introduced in Anthem 2.0.

Pirates have always held a lot of intrigue for centuries, particularly in the video game space. Their barbaric ways and unwavering want to conquer the open seas never ceases to be interesting. Looking at the concept art, the new faction actually looks pretty good.

The pirate shown has a pretty terrifying face, featuring a skull and beady red eyes. His red trench coat definitely gives him a pirate vibe, as does his machete in the back.

Not much is known about how this new faction will be implemented into Anthem when it relaunches with a new loot system and structure, but the very presence of the Pirates of the Blood Wind should make the game more intriguing.

Factions have been an important element for a lot of games over the years, most notably the Fallout series. They make going on quests all the more intriguing and meaningful. The pirate faction is just one of many changes planned for this game and that’s promising to see.

In addition to the Pirates of the Blood Wind being shown, their hideout was also teased with some concept art. It’s soaking in atmosphere and personality. There are dragon-like creatures, a skull-faced mountain, and tall structures connected together.

It’s definitely a promising reveal that should give Anthem fans some hope about what the future holds for this game. The game may have started off on a sour note, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead in the water. BioWare will just have to truly dedicate themselves to making it better in meaningful ways.