Anthem Just Received Its 1.7 Update That Adds A Rotation Of Daily And Weekly Challenges

Anthem Just Received Its 1.7 Update That Adds A Rotation Of Daily And Weekly Challenges
Credit: Anthem Game via YouTube

Anthem is one of those games that showed a lot of promise, but failed to realize its true potential. BioWare started off with a solid premise. The flying mechanics with the Javelins looked like something straight out of an Iron Man movie. The multiplayer design where you could join up with friends also seemed strong.

Unfortunately, Anthem has been the bud of many jokes in the gaming community. It has been plagued with bugs and lacks meaningful content that makes players want to return after spending a couple of days with the title. BioWare has acknowledged their mistakes and have done everything they can to improve gameplay. One of the bigger updates was Cataclysm, a system rehaul that introduced new content like enemies and missions. Even this major update was received with mixed results, though.

It’s clear BioWare needs to rehaul the entire game from the ground up, which will take a lot of time and resources. In the meantime, BioWare is still keen on putting out regular updates. A new one just went live. The main takeaway from update 1.7 is a rotation of weekly and daily challenges. It’s worth noting that new content will not be available. Rather, these challenges will be rotating existing content for players to beef up their weapons and armor.

That has always been a challenge in Anthem because of the limited-time nature of a lot of the events. Now that there is a consistent schedule, players should have an easier time enhancing their Javelin suits in various ways. BioWare has put out some detailed notes on the challenges. The daily challenges include time trials, strongholds, creature kills, and world events. As far as the weekly challenges, they involve strongholds, factions, and contracts.

It’s not the biggest update that supporters of Anthem were probably hoping for, but it’s clear BioWare isn’t willing to let this action-adventure game die off. The update is there to simply tide the fanbase over until major improvements can be made. There currently is no target date for when these major changes will be available, but the developer will keep fans posted.

The question still remains: Can BioWare do enough to make Anthem the amazing experience that was promised when this title was first teased? There are many that say no, but the community will just have to wait anxiously and see. BioWare is hoping their efforts don’t go unnoticed and die-hard fans are still holding out for something special. We shall see.