Descenders Is Planning A Console Port This August, Prepare To Go On An Epic Biking Adventure Downhill

Descenders Is Planning A Console Port This August, Prepare To Go On An Epic Biking Adventure Downhill
Credit: Xbox via Youtube

No More Robots is preparing to port its popular downhill mountain biking adventure to PlayStation 4 this August. Sit behind the handlebars of your very own mountain bike. Learn to master tricks as you travel through procedurally generated worlds at breakneck speeds.

Descenders will take players into environments from the Scottish Highlands to the inside of an active Volcano. Stay on course and attempt to make it to the bottom in one piece as you travel at high speeds in these epic tracks.

This is an extreme downhill freeriding adventure for the modern gamer. Travel through unique procedurally generated worlds full of chances for glory and failure. Lead your team to glory and become a legendary Descender.

Every time you play the game the map will be different. Encounter different jumps, slopes, hill bombs, and more. The evolving challenge will give players a chance to become legendary in a unique environment.

Control every subtle movement of your rider. As you enjoy an in-depth physics system you will be able to control the biker and its movements. Enjoy a freestyle bike control scheme that will let you fine-tune your movements and enjoy the freedom to master tricks.

Each time you play you can work out different abilities and earn unique mutators to help make each ride special. Figure out what works best for your unique style as you master the terrain, bike, and game.

An online reputation system lets you show off your worth with new bikes and outfits as you complete tracks. This game lets you compete against tons of different players as you speed down unique trials and tests.

This is game has a fully licensed soundtrack that will add some extra pressure to your game. Enjoy music from Liquicity as they bring extra drum and bass music that is perfect for high-speed mountain chases.

Pick a team and bind together with players who picked the same side as you. Wear your team’s color with pride as you aster the rough terrain and become part of something much larger.

Descenders is available on Steam and Xbox One right now. The game is planning a release on PlayStation 4 on August 25. As you speed across the tracks, prepare to take on unique challenges across many different game modes. Each ride will be unique and each challenge will require the best players have to offer. Become a legend and become the Descender in this unique biking adventure.