Descenders Brings High-Speed Downhill Racing To Everyone With A Free Weekend On Steam

Descenders Brings High-Speed Downhill Racing To Everyone With A Free Weekend On Steam
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

If you’re a fan of going too fast downhill on mountain bikes until you crash, breaking the majority of your bones in the process, do I bring great news to you.  Descenders is currently free to play on the Steam platform for the entirety of the weekend, allowing players to experience first-hand the experience of speed-wobbling until you kiss a tree.  Join in with friends all racing down procedurally generated paths until your inevitable demise, pulling off sick jumps and tricks the whole way down.

It’s honestly an impressive experience crafted by the developers over at RageSquid, and has been on Steam for almost a year (released May 7th, 2019) with strong review and a modicum of mods available.  If they are tuned to the gameplay that Descenders offer, they might be equally thrilled to learn that the title is almost half-off during the free weekend.

Descenders recently closed their modding competition where a user going by the handle of Spe won it handily with a map called Stoker Bike Park.  RageSquid ended up liking Spe’s work so much that he’s now apparently under commission by RageSquid to continue to develop new maps for Descenders which RageSquid will then add directly to the game ‘on a regular basis’.

The new maps will be coming to consoles as well in the near future.

On top of this news, the mods have been added to the title and are available to play from the menu, meaning you can dive into the downhill racing that has become wildly addicting, or go scope out various bike parks filled with all of the ramps, skinnies, and dives that you could possibly handle.

The Stoker Bike Park by Spe has had three more trails added on for you to explore at your own prerogative, and all bike parks also have seeds so that players can explore them in multiplayer lobbies with their friends.  Mt Rosie has also undergone a bit of an overhaul making her steep curvature a bit more friendly to lower-end PCs.

The gameplay that Descenders readily offers is simply found nowhere else currently, offering a mixture of old-school Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and some ungodly speed and tricks on top of that.

With the ability to now create your own maps for the title, customizing your racer and bike, and even altering the courses based on what assistants you pick up during your long runs through the courses offers plenty of content for people to chew through.  It’s only a question if you’ll get to the bottom in one piece.