Rockstar Has Updated Its Website And Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over What It Could Mean

Rockstar Has Updated Its Website And Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over What It Could Mean

Rockstar Games, the madmen and women behind the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series, have changed the imagery on their website’s home page and fans are drowning in speculation over what, if anything, they could be hinting at.

As of right now, there’s no reason to believe that this is anything other than a visual overhaul for their website. And yet fans are going bananas, injecting meaning where there likely isn’t any, and salivating at the mere possibility that some sort of announcement is on the horizon. Optimistic fans are simply projecting their hopes and dreams, and I know this became I am one of those very fans. I can’t help it. I am weak.

You can see part of the new image at the top of this post and you can head over to Reddit to see the thing in its entirety. The Reddit thread is pretty split between people theorizing and other people telling them to stop theorizing.

There’s nothing in the image that stands out, so if it is alluding to something, the reference is subtle. However, the image itself is just plain weird, mysterious, and seemingly random, so it’s easy to see why one would assume that there’s some sort of meaning behind it. Also, Rockstar has done stuff like this before, preceding big announcements with subtle gestures.

Possibly the best argument in favor of this graphics change meaning something significant is the fact that both Bully 2 and Grand Theft Auto 6 have been making their way through the rumor mill for a while now. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting any sort of news on either, so it only makes sense that an out-of-the-blue change like this would be interpreted as, well, something.

Even Steven Ogg, who played Grand Theft Auto 5’s Trevor, went on record recently saying that GTA 6 would be arriving “soon,” so everyone is simply looking for the signs.

If this layout change doesn’t mean anything at all, which is very possible, it could be considered a cruel trick on Rockstar’s part. They know the anticipation is high for new games in some of their most popular franchises, so they would have to know what sort of frenzy this would trigger.

Where do you fall? Is this the start of an advertising campaign, an innocent website overhaul, or a cruel trick conjured up from the deepest circles of hell? I have to admit that my excitement is getting the best of me, so while I want to think it means something, I realize a big part of it is wishful thinking.