GTA 5 Now Has A Mod That Lets Players Exercise With Smart Bike Trainers

GTA 5 Now Has A Mod That Lets Players Exercise With Smart Bike Trainers
Credit: Chris Pritchard Cycling News via YouTube

GTA 5 is the gift that keeps on giving. Despite coming out all the way back in 2013, this game still continues to put up impressive sales numbers. It’s probably one of Rockstar’s most successful games ever.

It’s not hard to see why it receives so much fanfare. It just has so many great elements in an open sandbox world. From great characters to limitless online possibilities, GTA 5 always provides excitement each time you return to it.

The mod support has also been pretty fantastic since day one. Every week, it seems like there’s a novel mod drastically changing up gameplay and visuals.

A new one is out now that actually lets players enjoy bike rides using smart bike trainers. Of course, there are a ton of ways you can get around in GTA 5, but using a smart trainer system and riding a bicycle gives you the chance to exercise in a novel way.

While out in the park enjoying the fresh air, you can do actually work in person and burn calories. It’s a pretty ingenious mod that is both fun and practical from a workout standpoint.

The way this mod works also is pretty fascinating. It calculates the amount of force you put on the pedals of your smart exercise trainer, and then applies these calculations to your game on the virtual bike.

Thus, you feel like you really are riding a bike in GTA 5. It’s a novel ideal that just makes this game all the better and immersive.

Working out and gaming at the same time has been a very popular industry. Sitting down for long stretches at a time ins’t healthy, which is why a lot of companies are starting to incorporate movement as to get gamers more active.

This latest GTA 5 mod lets players do just that while enjoying all of the beautiful sites of Los Santos.

The mod is so realistic — in fact — that you’ll even be able to enjoy realistic environment simulation.

For example, if you start traveling up a hill on the bike, the smart trainer will make it more difficult. You’ll have to use more energy to get to your target destination. Conversely, traveling down hill will be much easier on the smart trainer.

If you don’t have a smart bike trainer, then this latest mod definitely makes it worth the investment — even just for the pure novelty of it alone. It sounds like a good time.