GTA 5 Online Currently Is Offering Double Rewards For The King Of The Hill Mode

GTA 5 Online Currently Is Offering Double Rewards For The King Of The Hill Mode
Credit: GTA 5 via YouTube

It has been pretty bleak times for the world these past couple of weeks because of the coronavirus, but people are not stopping from having some smiles. That has been particularly true in the gaming community. Players, publishers, and developers are banding together during these tough times and spreading joy while everyone is in self-quarantine.

There is no for sure date for when self-quarantine will end for many across the globe, but one this is for certain. There are a lot of incredible deals right now in the gaming industry thanks to the generosity of many. Rockstar is getting involved in the action too with their open sandbox title Grand Theft Auto 5.

Right now until March 25, online players that compete in the King of the Hill mode can earn double rewards. That’s the perfect opportunity to earn some incredible items while competing in one of the most popular online modes that GTA 5 has to offer.

Rockstar Games broke this news via their official Twitter page. It’s these simple acts of kindness that are making a huge difference in the gaming community right now. If you haven’t had the chance to check out King of the Hill in GTA 5 Online, it’s an incredible experience full of non-stop action.

It’s part of the Diamond Casino & Resort update, which released back in October of last year. You can either play a standard match by yourself or a team match. Every match starts off the same. Players will try to control three hills that are spread out throughout a map.

Once a hill is captured by a team or person, which takes at least three seconds, that hill marked by a circle turns blue. It will be red if you’re on the opposing team. Each time a checkpoint is captured, points are accumulated. The team or player that fills their points bar up first automatically wins. It’s a pretty simple design, but one that has a very addicting quality.

You have to be strategic with which checkpoints you go other. Working as a team makes it even more difficult as you have to work as a collective. Strategy and car ramming are paramount to come out on top. The fact that Rockstar is making this mode even better with double the rewards is incredible to see. You can bet a lot of users will be enjoying King of the Hill these next couple of days. You can also bet Rockstar will keep the rewards coming for the foreseeable future, as to help the community take their mind off the stressers of the world.