PUBG Celebrates Third Anniversary, Reflecting On The Past And Future

PUBG Celebrates Third Anniversary, Reflecting On The Past And Future
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

Sometimes it feels like PUBG has been around for longer than it really has. It’s the title that many consider responsible for launching the battle royale craze, and has had more of an influence in only three years than some titles have over their whole tenure.

Of course, the title has dropped off a bit in the recent months. Many decided to pass on the game once other battle royales starting coming out, with Apex Legends and Fortnite reigning king for a while before even Apex began to fall off.

Still, PUBG has a massive history crammed into those three years, and fans of the genre can’t deny the influence the game has had. The team over at PUBG is celebrating their third anniversary with a bit of a reflection on those three years, as well as what’s to come.

Reading the writeup really helps to show a great amount of progress condensed into such a short time. The development team discusses reworking maps, improvements to movement and battle systems, and plenty more. But just because there’s been progress doesn’t mean that they’re done working.

“Going forward, we want to continue to improve upon what’s made PUBG so popular these last three years,” the team writes. “This will include map reworks, new maps, new weapons & mechanics, additional game options such as Arcade’s Team Deathmatch, and of course quality of life improvements & bug fixes for some of your most pressing issues.”

One of these reworks has already been pushed out. The community had a look at the updated version of Vikendi that’s on the way. With all the feedback that the community has given to the developers, they’ve been working to make sure it’s polished up to provide an entirely new experience to the players, providing new mechanics and exciting gameplay.

“Community is the backbone of any online game and as such celebrating our third year also means we’re celebrating you,” the team writes, announcing their Community Skin Design Contest. If you’ve got the knack for it, you can contribute your concept designs to the community hub for your chance to design the next skin for the title.

Having launched in March of 2017, the team knows there’s still plenty to do. More than anything, they’re thankful to players like us that have kept them going for the last three years, and are excited to keep giving us a game worth supporting.