Rumors Circulate That Rockstar Games May Announce Grand Theft Auto 6 This Coming Week

Rumors Circulate That Rockstar Games May Announce Grand Theft Auto 6 This Coming Week
Credit: Rockstar Games

Just a quick disclaimer, this is purely a rumor, and there hasn’t been anything in the way of comments or confirmation from Rockstar. Still, in these trying times, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of speculation to keep us going.

Rumors have been circulating that Rockstar will be announcing their highly-anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto VI. According to these rumors, the announcement could be as soon as this week – perhaps even March 25th, only three days from now.

The rumors come from a 4chan user using the /v/ board, saying that people are free to believe them or not but that they have it on good authority. There’s a handful of things that they’re “leaking,” with the possible release of Grand Theft Auto VI being arguably the most interesting.

“On March 25, 2020, Rockstar Games will officially announce Grand Theft Auto VI on all their social media accounts,” the anonymous user states. “The first trailer will drop within the next week after the announcement. Vice City, 1980’s.”

They also mention a few other possible leaks. WB Montreal may be announcing Batman: Arkham Legacy, Nintendo is supposedly set to announce a sequel to Breath of the Wild in their next Nintendo Direct – they go on to mention Call of Duty, Battlefield 6, and Overwatch 2.

To be fair, most of the replies to the post are dubious at best, and many outright reject what they’re saying. Some are mocking the poster for naming IPs that everyone is already expecting to hear from, while others feel that they’re simply randomly spouting information. They do nothing whatsoever to establish credibility, only saying that the info was obtained from “multiple insider sources throughout the social media teams at various game studios,” not even linking any possible social media outlets they could be referring to.

So it’s finicky at best. While we all would like to believe that these titles will be here soon, there’s a good chance that a random poster on 4chan with no sort of credibility or proof isn’t the one to break the information.

Either way, the thread is locked and archived now, so it doesn’t seem like anyone will be adding anything to the conversation. If the poster is to believed, we’ll find out soon enough. They say that an announcement could be as early as March 25th, so we only have to wait a few days to discover the truth.

The question is, if they’re correct about the possible Grand Theft Auto VI announcement, should we take the rest of their predictions seriously as well? Or is all of this just wishful thinking brought on by boredom and too much social distancing?