Anthem 2.0 Is Currently In The Incubation Period According To BioWare

Anthem 2.0 Is Currently In The Incubation Period According To BioWare
Credit: Anthem Game via YouTube

When you think of games that were extremely polarizing at release, Anthem is usually near the top of that list. It was supposed to be an epic action game, featuring cool-looking javelins that flew around like Iron Man. And yet after a couple of days of being live, it was clear there were major problems.

In addition to having a bunch of glitches, the game lacked a lot of meaningful content. The microtransactions didn’t help BioWare’s cause either. You could purchase various skins and cosmetic upgrades for your javelin, but their prices seemed a little too egregious.

Anthem was doomed before it ever released, which can be attributed to the tremendous amount of pressure the developer was under to put out something fantastic in a short period of time. There are still those that play Anthem, but for the most part, it seemed like a ship that finally sunk.

And yet, there still seems to be life with this online multiplayer RPG interestingly enough. BioWare is in fact working on re-hauling the game, a project being deemed Anthem 2.0. At this current time, the re-hauled version is in the incubation stage.

That’s according to a recent post that Christian Dailey — lead on the project — made on BioWare’s official website. The incubation period simply means a small team is testing design theories and addressing major issues that were in Anthem at launch.

It’s a work in progress and something that is taking BioWare more time than originally planned.

It doesn’t help that the development team tasked with this rehaul consists of a small force of around 30 people. Although capable, they’re limited on resources and have a lot of work ahead of them. They have a lot of obstacles to overcome, but it seems like Dailey and his crew are ready to tackle the challenge with full force.

They want to make Anthem amazing like it was supposed to be when it was teased those many years ago. On paper, the game had a lot of potential. The concept of flying around in a power suit captured a lot of gamers’ attention, but it wasn’t fully realized to its true potential.

Dailey and his team can take the time that they now have to make major improvements where they’re needed the most, such as gameplay and story content. Now they just need to put their wheels in motion and make the necessary corrections.

It will be interesting to see where Anthem 2.0 is in a couple of months from now.