Reddit Thread Shows Anthem Team Facing Bumps In Releasing Biggest Features

Reddit Thread Shows Anthem Team Facing Bumps In Releasing Biggest Features

This is probably sad news for Anthem followers, but there are reasons why some of its features will be delayed. The game developers of Anthem explained why players cannot expect to see what some touted as the biggest features yet.

A Reddit post from lead developers in BioWare today shared that the envisioned game needs more time to get completed. In fact, they said it still has a “long way to go.”

The game developers, however, assured that they are diligently working to improve the game in the background. They said they are hearing a lot of feedback from the community and that they have learned a hefty lot.

It has been 10 weeks since Anthem was launched and the game developers have actually kept mum on some details.

Some of the promised features that were expected to come this month were the leaderboards and guild support. There was also the Cataclysm event which many players are waiting for, but it won’t be around yet.

It can be recalled that Cataclysms were previously teased as much-awaited endgame content.

The game’s original roadmap has a total of six Freeplay Events. These events were expected to shift the world and get players into a weekly rotation to freshen up things.

However, there is no update on those features yet. The one thing that BioWare made clear is that they are working hard on the game’s stability. They are also busy doing bug fixes and managing the game flow.

These are probably fundamental things that should not be neglected, but it also is a source of disappointment to players. These things currently keep the Anthem team busy.

Unfortunately, some reports show that Anthem’s fanbase is dwindling. Many players expect that Anthem’s roadmap for April and May are facing delays as more flaws show up.

Kotaku also published a report earlier this month that explained where BioWare went wrong. Even Forbes listed reasons on the difficulties that Anthem faces last February.

On the same day that the Reddit post was made, Anthem got a major patch. The 1.1.0 update allowed players to access their inventory while on the mission.

It also introduced “The Sunken Cell,” which is a new stronghold. The latest update also makes the contracts more accessible to players without the need to pick these up. Plus, the players do not need to pass into Fort Tarsis to launch their new expedition.

However, it is still unclear whether these updates can help appease players from getting frustrated. BioWare has not dropped any update yet on their loot system except that they recognize it needs to be improved.