Vblank Entertainment Announces Release Date Of Shakedown Hawaii

Vblank Entertainment Announces Release Date Of Shakedown Hawaii
Credit: Vblank

Vblank Entertainment has finally announced the release date of the followup to the action-adventure game, Retro City Rampage. The latest open-world adventure game, Shakedown Hawaii, will come out on May 7.

Based on a post on Vblank’s website last year, the players will follow the life of a CEO. The aging entrepreneur struggles to understand the modern way of doing business.

First, he had retail stores which got toppled by the rise of online shops. His taxi business was also affected by the popularization of ride-sharing concept. Finally, his video stores became no match for video streaming online.

How else can one survive modern times? It is only by learning the curves of modern business.

The aging CEO should be able to master how commerce is run with the help of internet technology. It’s his only way to rebuild his empire. The latest game trailers released by Vblank also stresses those challenges.

The legitimate business owners in the trailer are seen trying to do their regular jobs while facing massive inflation.

The Consultant trailer shares a peek inside the retro game that gives out the vibe of the 1980s. There are gun shooting all over the island that needs to be controlled.

The trailer says controlling the island is possible with the help of the right people. The CEO is shown in the trailer talking to a man on a floral shirt who gets the orders.

The CEO’s decisions involve taking down hotel reviews from the internet which negatively affects the biz. He also ordered wiping out the drug dealers that affect property values.

He also wanted the “consultant” to deal with the gangs who are causing the increases in their deductibles. There are fighting scenes in plantations, riverbanks, and construction sites and the retro feel is superb.

In the game overview trailer, players will see how the missions are completed and what type of missions are included. In Shakedown Hawaii, players need to acquire businesses and deal with competitors.

Acquiring businesses will allow the CEO to grab more weapons and increase his profit.

There are also ridiculous ways to earn money in Shakedown Hawaii. One can add multipliers like best before dates and “convenience fees.”

It typically exaggerates how business is done in the actual market where most players can relate to. It is violent and it has the need to get the balance between the profits and promotion using mercenaries.

The game is currently available for pre-order at the Epic Games Store. It costs $20.