Microsoft Flight Simulator Is A Huge Hit On Xbox Game Pass For PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is A Huge Hit On Xbox Game Pass For PC
Credit: Squirrel via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass for PC is a pretty decent program all things considered. For a low monthly rate, PC gamers can check out a huge list of different games. They range in genre and a lot of them are new titles.

However, one of the best to ever debut on the relatively new platform is Microsoft Flight Simulator. This game about realistic fighting experiences has done exceptionally well in the little amount of time it has been out on the platform.

According to Microsoft, the game is the biggest launch ever on the platform. That’s incredible. To highlight how well Microsoft Flight Simulator has done, a stat was put out showing that more than 1 million players have joined in on the fun. That’s a lot of activity and it could only get bigger with time as the game matures.

It hasn’t had the smoothest launch, with installation issues being at the forefront. Asobo Studios has since added its first post-launch update that addresses launch problems and other bugs.

The developer doesn’t plan on stopping here either. They want to make the game better in every way, even introducing themed content at a later date. Despite its small faults, it’s clear Xbox Game Pass members for PC can’t get enough of its realistic action.

You would be hard-pressed to find fault with the realistic world that the developer has created. It was meticulously created and genuinely represents the world we know today. Every major airport is included and the weather system reacts based on what’s currently happening in the real world today.

Never before has this franchise been this great or realistic, a testament to the developer taking their time with this project and seeing where adjustments could be made from the previous installment.

If you haven’t had the chance to get in a cockpit and put your flying skills to the test, now’s a great time. You can see what so many gamers have raved about while miles up in the sky. There’s a tranquil effect that comes over you after you lift off.

You can see so many details and take everything in around the globe like never before. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a fan of simulators, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a cut above the rest.

And it will only get better with time. That’s a promising thought and should give new and returning players something to look forward to as 2020 comes to a close.