The Developers Of A Plague Tale Do Not Have Any Plans For A Third Game At This Time

The Developers Of A Plague Tale Do Not Have Any Plans For A Third Game At This Time
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Even though A Plague Tale: Requiem has not yet been released, some of us have already begun to speculate about what the future holds for Hugo and Amicia, the game’s two main protagonists. As it seems, we may have to take our time enjoying this newest rat-infested journey because it may be the final installment in the series. Unfortunately, the developer Asobo Studio does not yet have any intentions for a third game in the trilogy.

It was reported in a conversation with A Plague Tale: Requiem developer Kevin Choteau that was published on the PlayStation Blog (thanks to GamesRadar for providing the conversation) that Asobo is looking to see how players react to the game before choosing whether or not to move forward with a sequel. Choteau says further that if players are not enthusiastic about A Plague Tale: Requiem, the development team will go on to another project, which will most likely be an entirely new intellectual property.

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Choteau believes that this may be the conclusion for the time being. However, the door is never shut, so we can observe the player’s reception. Before making any decisions, we wait to hear what they say. They are the ones that are pushing our production, so if they are unhappy with what we’ve accomplished, we have to come up with another solution.

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If the evaluations of the game are any indication, it appears there is a possibility that other games will be released in the future. It is presently sitting at a rather outstanding reviewer rating of 84 on Metacritic for A Plague Tale: Requiem, so if that crosses over to user ratings, then it appears that Asobo won’t have a particularly difficult time recreating the popularity of the original game. If something, the addition of the game in Xbox Game Pass will probably imply that A Plague Tale: Requiem will have a much larger number of players than A Plague Tale: Innocence did. This is quite likely to be the case.